Monday, June 8, 2015

Natalie June 8, 2015

Oh hey there :)

I can't believe it's JUNE!! 

Hi lol Well this week had some ups and downs but more than anything we have investigators who are progressing :D Idelfonzo is one of them who is amazing and really wants to find peace in his life. He and his two kids have gone through tough trials but he knows that he needed them so he could learn from them. He and his two boys 11 and 9 are so great! They are praying together and Idelfonzo is reading more little by little the Book of Mormon. He can feel the hand of the Lord working in his life and he knows that the Gospel is helping him. Before he seemed unsure of himself and a little timid but now its clear how he has decided to take control of his life and not let his trials control him. I love seeing him with more confidence and there's like a new light about him :)

Abraham is a reference from a preparing missionary in the ward. She said we apparently ''arrived'' in a critical time in his life. We have only taught him 3 times and he is like so ready to change and be baptized. He went to church with his friend, Pamela, the future missionary :), That was when we went to Cancun and then we saw him and accepted a baptism date and then we taught the Restoration and he practically already knew about Joseph Smith and the important not to mention sacred responsability he had in translating the Book of Mormon. He already knew! He has been taking the iniciative to investigate himself. And yesterday he brought his little sister with him to church :)

Well lastly I just wanted to also share the success we had on Friday with a ''Family Home Evening'' but as a branch. The topic was about the importance of studying the scriptures and then my companion and I had a Jeopardy type game that everyone loved with categories like ''Guess what hymn that is'' ''Old Testament'' ''New Testament'' and ''Book of Mormon'' lol it was so fun and we had about 35-40 people at our little event. 

I know that it is important to study the scriptures so that we can stand one day before God, our Heavenly Father and say that we chose to take just a little time out of every day to study about His Son Jesus Christ. Because that's what really matters is the knowledge we obtain. At the end of it all, when we are judged by our works it's just that.. God won't ask what type of car did you drive, how many hours did you work? No, he will ask, who did you help today who was in need, did you pray, repent daily humbling yourself, did you use your talents for good and to bless the lives of others... I know that that is what we need to strive for, to become converted and dedicated to the Lord willing to give up what we want now for what we want most later. 

I love you all, have a great week!

Hermana Newman

Oh also, the pictures are when we went to Cancun to see Elder Bednar and our bunkbeds of hammocks lol 

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