Monday, February 24, 2014

the latest one :)

New Zone Picture

we did just have exchanges last week though, so its a bit different still in the same area though! 


(right) Elder Newman, (left) Elder Womack

yeah...its pretty hot here.

How is everyone!? everything is great down here in Chihuahua. bytheway, just in case i didnt mention, a i am still in the same area, and b that area is in the capital city of Chihuahua. my mission covers about 3/4 of the state of Chihuahua, but also i am in the actual city of chihuahua right now. anyway, things are great! as you can read in the subject of the email, its so hot here now! about once a week well have an overcast day or a windy day, but generally the sun is out and there isnt a single cloud in the sky. 

in regards to the work, our area and ward is seriously the best. i wish i could work here my whole mission. E. Womack and I found about 9 new investigators, a few of which are families, and we are so excited to be working with them. we have a baptismal date for Hermana Tere (Maria Teresa) for the 8th, and then one for our newest investigator, Erazmo, who we only found last thursday. speaking of, i loved yesterday so much. ok well i guess to start, he came to church and it was fun to see him take in all the info he learned, but then for the second hour for gospel principles, the teacher didnt come to class, and so E. Womack and I had to teach the class! aaah nervous! but it was alright. we taught about the Holy Ghost, and how his sacred funcion is to not only testify of truth, but to testify that Jesus Christ is the Savior and Redeemer of the world, and that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true. and to that, I add my testimony as well, and i have recieved a conformation of it over and over again while being ou there in the mission field. 

oh, ok so get this, remember how in my last email I wrote about us performing as missionaries, singing and playing instruments, and how it might become a regular thing? well, our mission president asked us if we would MAKE A CD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aaaah i am so stoked and so we will be going to the city of Cuauhtemoc again soon to do so. i cant believe how big this is getting and am so excited to be able to share our talents together and make a cd for the mission, as well as send a copy home to our families. 

well, i know this weeks wasnt that long, but i want more time to send more pictures so although this week was short and sweet, know that I love you all and God be with you till we meet again! soon...

Till next week! , 



**Elder Newman**


Monday, February 17, 2014

Week 12 - Drums anyone?

Oh man, this week was sweet.

From monday to sunday evening, $ other missionaries and I traveled to another city, Cuauhtemoc (coo-aww-tem-awk) to participate in something that we never thought we would get to do as missionaries. The Zone there was having an activity where they were able to rent an auditorium for 3 days for free, and in this 3 day event would include music and a movie, from about 6 t0 9 for anyone who wanted to come, absolutely free. the music part? well thats where we came in. we all knew how to sing well, and of the 5 of us, 4 of us could play instruments. There was a piano for Hermana Smith, who is like a demi god at the piano, Hermana Jones brought her violin, Elder Mendoza is amazing at the acoustic guitar, and  through a lot of help from members and Elder Tovar, the Zone leader of Cuauhtemoc who worked so hard to put this al together, we were able to find me my specialty...a drum set. 

it was huge...we were able to get on the radio station to announce it and talk about the church for 15 min or so ( i didnt do that one personally), and we were able to be on TV as the local news station filmed us singing and displaying a little sneak peek of what this event would be like. all the members who owned shops or businesses had the posters advertising it on the windows of theeir shops and such, and we even heard from Elder Tovar that the Governor of Chihuahua wants us to do it in other places in the state of Chihuahua. for that reason, we already have plans to do it again in a few weeks and then i think again after that. 

I mean, i never thought this would happen, and although it was only for 4 of the 11 songs we played, i got to play the DRUMS!!!!! it was an awesome experience! not just the drums part, but the entire week in general! i also became a lot closer to all the missionaries that i spent time with, and the best part of this whole thing was the spirit that we got to feel and how we helped about 450-500 people feel it too, and for 3 days in a row! 

This is impossible to forget. i mean it was just too cool. however, by all means i am ready to get back to work though here in our area. 

happy valentines day to all, and know that I love you all and am glad to have you all in my life! 



**Elder Newman**

Monday, February 10, 2014

Week 11 We had a baptism....sort of.....Animo! ( excitement)

hey everyone, this bites., i accidentally hit the delete button halfway through typing the general email, so im not sure what to do haha...i guess ill just start over. 

we are doing great! there is a facebook page for the mission if you are interested, just search mision mexico chihuahua. i should be in a few pics. also for those who dont know, is the site for my sister and i as missionaries. she just got her call to mexico cancun! i am so stoked for her...check it out! 

some fun experiences: Elder womack had to eat about 3 punds of rice at one house, and speaking of food we have eaten tacos practically every day at the moembers homes for like a week straight. definitely learn how to endure to the end during the meal visits!  this may even have been the same day that we accidentally wore the exact same thing without even realizing it. we also had a crazy wind/dust storm here, and we had to at some points cover our faces with one hand and cover our mouths with our ties in the other hand. it made me wonder when they are gonna open up the Iraq baghdad mission or the Afghanistan jnhdiasuert689w34ptvw mission :P  

this saturday, we had a zone baptism, meaning all the baptisms from each companionship in the zone got baptized together. there were about 9 in total, and 3 of them were originally our baptisms, but because they moved to another are, they went to the other missionaries. haha but its all good, because im so happy for them and i loved being able to teach them. also, we have been instructed to invite everyone we talk to to be baptized within the 1st time contacting them! youd think it would be scary, but really the spirit just takes over and we have actually had 3 people say yes to it. so im confident we will continue to see miracles and tender mercies in our area. 

I love the mission, and i know that it is truly shaping me in to the missionary...into the man i want and need to become. stay tuned for next week! 

**Elder Newman**

Friday, February 7, 2014

New Look

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Natalie is getting me some pictures to
add for her. 

Call opened :)

Mexico Cancun mission.   Reports June 25, 2014
She is so excited. 

Stayed tuned for changes to the blog layout.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Natalie's Open Mission Call Event

This is event update that Natalie posted in Facebook. 

Call has arrived

Yesterday we waited for the mail person to deliver.   Brandon had instructions to check for it before he left for work.   He found the mail person and got the mail before they got to the mailbox.  No call :(  he gave the news to Josh and Josh let Natalie know.   She had previously switched with someone to get her second job covered but now was free to work. 
She got home from work around 10:30 PM and felt the need to check the mail box anyway.   Ta daaaa.  There it was.  Yea she has it.  Now she needs to try and get work covered so she can have her opening party.  
Stay tuned......

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Still Waiting .....

Natalie just checked the mail box.....nothing :(    Hopefully tomorrow.  :)

Monday, February 3, 2014

team supreme :)

Fortune Cookie

had chinese food and this is the fortune i got. this was after the super hard sunday we had too with 0 investigators at the church

Week 10 - Testigos de Jehova :/ (Jehovas Witnesses)

Hola mis amigos!

this week was the best!!! so many different things happened, and the best part was how we had 4 investigators at church yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anyway, i dont remember what happened on every single day, but i do have some experiences from some days that were particularly worth mentioning. 


All the missionaries in our zone and another zone went to the main stake center, the one right next to the mission office, for a big event with a member of the area presidency, Elder DeOllos (no idea how to spell that). It was a big thing for us...we all had to shine our shoes and get haircuts and what not. we talked a lot about how this missionary work is impossible to fulfill only with full time missionaries, but how rather the other half is with members, and how we need to work together to prepare the world for the 2nd coming of the Savior. I always love the meetings with the Mission President, because he always gets his turn to speak and oh man he is so cool and powerful in speaking that i get chills every time. 


i felt like i was dying. i dont know what it was but i got the flu so so bad for thursday night. my body was weak, i had no appetite, i could feel my heart beating in my brain...not good. and it was weird to because yes i took tons of meds, but the next morning i was fine enough to have the divisions. 


We had divisions/exchanges with two other elders in our district, Elders Hernandez and Gallup. Elder Hernandez came here to my area so that meant I had to go to his area and be with Elder Gallup. It wasnt my favorite all really, because the area was so desolate at some parts, and then other parts it was mexican suburbia:just lines and lines of houses! also it was difficult cause i had to carry my big heavy bag with all my clothes and such almost the whole time because we started the divisions at around 12:30 and then didnt go back to the house till like 5. it just made me really appreciate my area, but nevertheless we had an intersesting evxperience together....(continued on sat.)


This morning during our Companionship study at the house, i saw a family start to come to our door outside. elder Gallup looked and he yelled "TESTIGOS!!!!!" haha it was funny and i was so nervous yet pumped at the same time. we opened the door and im just smiling bigger than ever because it was just an awkward situation and funny cause e gallup was making me laugh. anyway, we were respectful, of course, but it was kind of an oxymoron: we, the missionaries, got our door knocked on, and had other "missionaries" come teach us! haha we talked in total for about 15 min and i finally get what they believe now, and in the most respectful way i can say, it just doesnt make sense. lets just say i am grateful for modern revelation, for the book of mormon, and oh man for the Doctrine and covenants, i LOVE the doctrine and covenants. 

we switched back companions and What do I come back to? :the potential of about 15 people coming to church, and 2 new families! I love elder womack...he is just the greatest. 


yesterday was my favorite. I was just lit up all day, because we had 4 investigators come, a less active, and 3 little girls who were part of the families we brought. aaah it was literally a heavenly day. we are so excited to teach all of them, and im happy they felt the spirit. I will tell more about them next week. 

also, later last night we went to visit an investigator who has a big desire to really know what the doctrine of christ is. We are teaching him and last night, Elder womack and I placed a baptismal date with him for the 8th of march. we are just hoping and praying that he will be able to attend church cause that is the only hard thing for him, because of his work schedule. but the spirit was so powerful and we just left the house with smiles and confidence. it was awesome! 

well, until next week my friends...take care and miss you all! 





**Elder Newman**

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Call has been issued.

Natalie received a text from her Bishop.   He looked at her status and it says that a call was issued on the 31st.  So she will get her letter next week.