Monday, February 10, 2014

Week 11 We had a baptism....sort of.....Animo! ( excitement)

hey everyone, this bites., i accidentally hit the delete button halfway through typing the general email, so im not sure what to do haha...i guess ill just start over. 

we are doing great! there is a facebook page for the mission if you are interested, just search mision mexico chihuahua. i should be in a few pics. also for those who dont know, is the site for my sister and i as missionaries. she just got her call to mexico cancun! i am so stoked for her...check it out! 

some fun experiences: Elder womack had to eat about 3 punds of rice at one house, and speaking of food we have eaten tacos practically every day at the moembers homes for like a week straight. definitely learn how to endure to the end during the meal visits!  this may even have been the same day that we accidentally wore the exact same thing without even realizing it. we also had a crazy wind/dust storm here, and we had to at some points cover our faces with one hand and cover our mouths with our ties in the other hand. it made me wonder when they are gonna open up the Iraq baghdad mission or the Afghanistan jnhdiasuert689w34ptvw mission :P  

this saturday, we had a zone baptism, meaning all the baptisms from each companionship in the zone got baptized together. there were about 9 in total, and 3 of them were originally our baptisms, but because they moved to another are, they went to the other missionaries. haha but its all good, because im so happy for them and i loved being able to teach them. also, we have been instructed to invite everyone we talk to to be baptized within the 1st time contacting them! youd think it would be scary, but really the spirit just takes over and we have actually had 3 people say yes to it. so im confident we will continue to see miracles and tender mercies in our area. 

I love the mission, and i know that it is truly shaping me in to the missionary...into the man i want and need to become. stay tuned for next week! 

**Elder Newman**

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  1. I'm so happy for Jason. He sounds like he has really found his gruve. In Chile years ago when I was a missionary, baptisms were plentiful. I just hope the members are strong to keep the new members going. Like a new seedling that has sprouted and growing, a new member needs constant care and attention until it's roots can sink deep and secure in the gospel.