Saturday, August 30, 2014


Week 4

Wow! Can you believe it's already week four?! I mean, technically it's only been 3 and a half weeks since missionaries come in the middle of a week but this is considered the fourth week and next week will be the 5th week! It is so crazy how the time has been picking up. I literally feel like the last two weeks went by so fast. 

But nevertheless, things are going great here! It's definitely not easy and it's definitely difficult at times but I am learning so much about being a teacher. Not only am I learning how to teach people the Gospel but overall I'm just learning how to be a teacher and when I started getting the hang of it, it's really fun. I like it because we are being taught that you can plan a lesson but go and teach completely not in the way you might have anticipated. Now, I had known this beforehand but it's been taught in a way that's been re-emphasized and you literally have to study the subject so that when the lesson goes in a different direction, you can follow the guidance.

The first lesson my companion and I had was reeeeeally bad haha because as I mentioned before, we were so focused on saying what we wrote down and the small "script" that we forgot to focus on the person we were trying to teach. Now, we have met with an investigator, Maribel, 4 lessons: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and yesterday. At the CCM (se-se-emmeh or MTC) some of the "investigators" are members of the church and some truly are not. We don't know for sure if Maribel is but I am pretty sure I saw her garments peek out haha I say this because that made me think she is a member but regardless I know for our purpose, that detail doesn't matter. 

I am really glad we are talking with her though whether she really is a member already or not because it feels real. When we would teach our maestros (teachers) it felt weird because we weren't sure how to determine what their "needs" are so it was hard for me at first to figure out how to teach because for lack of a better word, it felt "fake" since I know they aren't really investigators. Although, I have learned that the purpose is to look past that and teach anyway since we are always in need of individual growth in the gospel. 

But with Maribel, as I mentioned, it does feel real. I forget that I am only in the MTC. I forget where I am and my focus is totally on her. Sometimes when I talk with her, it's like I don't always have to think in English first and then translate in Spanish what I'm going to say. It's almost as if I don't have to think twice about Spanish! And I'm not sure if that's because I'm getting better or if talking to native Spanish speakers feels natural lol her friend told me not to worry because it's a part of my heritage I simply need to "pull it out of my blood" haha 

The only thing I don't like that Maribel has said, is that she challenged us (my companion and I) to NOT speak English para el fin de semana!... (the rest of the weekend) Sooo with the exception of accidentes and saying "you too" on purpose when someone said have a good day, I nor my companion have spoken English since Thursday evening and cannot until Monday morning! Ah! haha it's like when we played the game I told you about, El Nativo but for longer lol it's fun and I like it, we're doing really good I just don't like feeling restrained or limited.

But anyway I hope my thoughts make sense, I only have a few minutes left so I will say just a few more things about my experience here thus far :)

-I love being in the MTC choir every Tuesday for devotional. It's an amazing experience singing with 300 missionaries. It's so fun :)

-There are 1500 missionaries at the main campus and at our west campus for Spanish speakers we have about 500! At least I'm pretty sure that's what was said.

-There are now about 87,000 missionaries serving worldwide and about 20,000 are Sisters, wahoo!

-I have not had soda at ALL since coming to the MTC and even before and if you know me really well, I consider it an accomplishment because I love my Dr. Pepper. I'm trying to quit soda altogether, we'll see how much longer that lasts lol 

-Lastly, we only have two more weeks and then we leave for real! AHHH! 

:) Thanks for reading my long email, hope you all have fun this next week and please feel free to Dear Elder me because I get letters to read the same day that way! Information of my address if you need is on my facebook. I would really love to hear from you!! 

Adios hasta proximo Sabado,

Hermana Newman <3

Monday, August 25, 2014


We went to Parral!

Hey everyone! 

this email may be a little short, but i hope it gets the message across well enough. anyway, I think its interesting how the highlits of the week always seem to be on saturdays. for example, this last saturday, the ward mission choir was invited to sing for the District conference in another city called Parral. It was a blast. a little different than the normal 6:30 am routine, because we had to wake up at4:30am on sunday, in order to be at the offices and on the bus at 5:15, in order to be on the road by 6. I love bus rides!! I had a great time talking with friends, and sitting next to my dad, Elder Womack. Lots of respect for that man! anyway, we got to Parral at about 9:15, and the District conference started at 10. Apart from singing in the meeting, i felt the spirit really strong in this meeting, and just had a lot of good impressions come to my mind. for example: 

"For me, serving a mission was never a decision, I was destined & foreordained to serve the lord"

"Christ faced Pharisees & unbelievers, We have faced Jehovas witnesses, Misioneros de Guadalupe, Adventistas, Baptists, Catholics, and peopple of many other faiths"

"Christ had to suffer and pay the price for his Salvation and Exhaltation. In order for me to truly become a disciple of Jesus Christ, I feel that I, too, must do the same" 

"Though suffering and sorrow seem constant, it doesnt compare to the infinite joy of Salvation and Exhaltation. Trials are temporary, but blessings are eternal"

This mission, and especially this area, have really opened up my eyes, and I can now see myself on the path of Discipleship. Im grateful for all the blessings that the Lord has poured into my life, and I know that he does the same for each and every one of you, when we are obedient. "Obedience brings blessings, Exact obedience brings miracles". i have heard this quote many times and dont know who the original author is, but i love it and i testify that it is true. We are hopwfuly gonna have a stake by the end of the year down ther in paral, and as a result will be splitting the one parral zone into 2 zones. the field is white, already to harvest!! 

I lvoe you all and thank you all for your support. Hurrah for Israel! 




**Elder Newman**

Saturday, August 23, 2014


Helloooo! I am still getting used to figuring out how to adjust my email time so I'm not sure how "long" or "short" this email is going to be but this week definitely had it's ups and downs! Monday was probably the best day because not only did I turn 22 but it was just such a great day!!! I received a package from my Dad and Josh AND I received a package from my Mom and Alan. So two awesome packages in one day!! What a treat, literally! I received a Baker's Dozen of pink frosted cupcakes from my mom and Alan's package amongst other little things and from my dad and Josh they sent through Dear Elder, (so cool by the way how it works) candies and a bag of Tostito's Chips with queso dip and it was SO good. My companion and other Hermana roommates have been wanting snacks so I was surprised it lasted for 4 days haha 

Also on my birthday, I got sung to probably four different times and they weren't all the same version of "Happy Birthday" in Spanish lol but it was great and I had to speak in Spanish for the last few hours of my birthday because my teacher said we were going to play a game called "El Nativo". It means "The Native". He chose a name a random from a bag and then with our heads down he tapped a person to let them know they were the native. Now, the object of the game was to find out who they think is the Native and the Native was someone who had to speak Spanish for 24 hours.. until4pm the next day. Now the thing is you get points if people think you are the native whether you really are or not so the point was to have everyone speak Spanish so they would get the most votes to make people think they are the Native. Haha it was sooooo HARD! Muy difícil lol very difficult but it was so much fun, we did pretty good too. 

Tuesday I got my Visa! Well not in hand, I will when I leave the MTC but I traveled up to Salt Lake and made an appearance to be approved so wahoo!

Thursday was a little bit of a rough day. I felt so discouraged and for some reason it just hit me and my district collectively: this is hard. There we tears shed and we felt frustrated that what we wanted to say we weren't able to because we don't know Spanish and I don't know about everyone else but I just felt the adversary so strong. Know that I am doing okay but I knew that I would feel like this at some point or another. I am so grateful for faith and having to trust in the Lord and in Heavenly Father that all will be okay. We just can't stop progression and we just need to keep going. A mission is hard but at the same time it can be really fun! I was so excited for our lesson yesterday! We are getting better. My companion and I taught together and bounced off of what the other said and we asked lots of questions with the progressing investigator instead of us just talking to them, we were talking WITH them and it felt good. I can't wait till we know more vocabulary so we can convey our thoughts better. 

Well I got to go! A few minutes over, yikes! lol I hope to hear from you all and just remember that we receive no witness until AFTER the trial of our faith. I have been reminded of that a lot lately. :)

Ether 12:6 I think it is :)


Birthday Photos!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Hola from Chihuahua

Hey everyone! 

just a heads up, about half of this email will mainly be about saturday, as it was such a busy day. first off though, in regards to how things are going, they are improving. we found a few new investigators and contacted 28 people last week. we have a lot of following up to do! and in regards to the is actually quite small, so we are becoming more and more familiar with it as we go on, faster than we expected. the owner of the house we live in is having it worked on so that we can have the 2 bathrooms working, and that both can have hot water (yeop, we have been showering with cold water for the past few weeks, and its actually not too bad. i am used to it now.) anyway, its going great! we had a few good lessons with some investigators, found some new people, and hope to be able to teach them in a way that they can feel the spirit and accept the gospel. 

...ok so that pretty much sums up monday to friday, because on saturday, is when all the good stuff happened lol. for example, ALL the missionaries here in the city of chihuahua met at the offices/stake center  at 7:30 am because at 9:00am, guess who came to the mission? not one, But 2 General authorities! President Randall L. Ridd, 2nd counselor in the Young Mens general presidency, and also Paul B. Pieper, of the Seventy. They came and President Ridd spoke about havving real intent, and Elder Pieper spoke on how we have to help the Investigators make decisions for themselves, so that not only will they remain active, but also so that they will make it to the temple.Baptism is not the goal, rather it is a step to reach the real goal, which is exhaltation. My testimony on this point was strengthened, as I listened to them speak to us (in spanish!) and with conviction. 

right after that, we rushed over to the chapel to start filling up the font, because we were having a baptism that day! two investigators, Miriam (40s), and Sugey(soo-hay, 10) were gonna be baptized at 3, and so we had to make a lot of preparations. Just an fyi, i think i have come up with a theory: that the more valuable something is, the more difficult it is to achieve. but it is possible. baptisms are one of the most beautiful things here on the mission,. but are sometimes SOO stressful. haha it was all good though. it was a lot of preparation because Miriam has a daughter on the mission, serving in El Salvadort, and so in order for her own daughter to see her mom to get baptized, we had our mission president call her mission president, so see when she would be free so that we could skype her! it was so cool and it was a very tender and spiritual moment for everyone, as her daughter was able to see her mom and family, and how Miriam is now on the path to exhaltation. Sugey as well...and we are happy for her too because her dad is less active (and is actually tihe one working on our house right now), and sop we hope to continue to help their family too. her mom is not a member, so we will have to see what we can do there. afterwards there was cake, and im happy to say that i didnt get any haha...its ok. but all went well and they were confirmed yesterday! 

Im so happy to be out here, through the good times and bad, to be able to serve the lord, and to have a great companion who always is lookin out for me. Im grateful for this gospel and i know that it is the one thing that will bless our lives more than anything else. i love you all and have a great week! 



**Elder Newman**

Sunday, August 17, 2014


Week 2! ...or technically one and a half ^_^....

Oh my goodness so much has happened this week!!! 

So a lot has happened that I can't remember in what order they occurred so if you don't mind reading a scatterbrained email then perfect! So already in the MTC I have learned how to pray in Spanish, share my testimony in Spanish, already written my first talk in Spanish, and have given 4 lessons all in SPANISH!!!! Ah it's been a little stressful haha but it's been good. My companion Hermana Bloomfield and I were a little distracted yesterday we were lacking in our studies but every other day has been class and or studies for at least 8 hours a day. It's soooo much for me because I've never studied this diligently in my life haha My district is awesome though, they are really rowdy sometimes but we all get along really well. We laugh so much it's great and there is this one Elder in our district, he is such a character haha he is so funny we have come to the conclusion that we wouldn't be the same without him. 

We have the privilege of being on the West Campus where all Spanish-speaking missionaries are. I think I mentioned that last time but what that means is, for those who have previously entered the MTC, you have no idea what it's like. This is awesome. lol the food is amazing, it's like BYU catering quality we just have meals cooked that taste homemade and not like "cafeteria" food. There are two different entree choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner and they are different EVERY DAY. It's been a whole week and they haven't repeated one dish since I've been here. It's great and plus there is always the salad and soup bar. We also live in our own apartments with a bathroom and one companionship per room, instead of 3 companionships per room and bathrooms and showers separate from the residence halls as I hear that's how it is on main campus. 

Our classes are also in the living rooms of what used to be other apartment complexes and our gym(s) are outdoors in those white inflatable "bubbles". I have only seen them used as indoor tennis courts but there are weights and such in one, basketball in the other, and the last one which we always go to is volleyball. There is also soccer and other field sports which we haven't been to yet. 

On Tuesday I am getting my visa!! So excited. Especially because I'm just going to Salt Lake and it's a few hour trip instead of Idaho or Vegas as some missionaries do. I'm really glad I'm not traveling for two reasons, one because I would miss classes and precious study time and two because I wouldn't want to wake up at 2:30 or 4:30 to do so. Ooh. I feel so bad for those missionaries. 

Well I'm running out of time and I should finish up but last thing I wanted to share was that the other day I had a really spiritual moment. I was sitting on the balcony during study time and I wanted to sing a song. So I opened to the back to see what titles in Spanish I could recognize and I noticed Te Necessito. I knew what it meant, I need you. Or in other words the equivalent I Need Thee Every Hour. I don't know why I just felt the spirit overwhelmingly. Especially when I got to the chorus: Señor te necessito. I burst into tears for whatever reason I felt it so strongly at that moment it's indescribable. I could feel him. I could feel his love. I felt it so strong I really do need Him. And I like that in Spanish the song doesn't translate to say I need thee every hour because I don't just need him every hour, I just need Him. Period. It's as simple as that and I'm so grateful that I have this time to dedicate all that I have to Him and learn of Him. I hope you all have a great week! Until next Saturday, 

Hermana Newman

P.S. If you would love to write to me on Dear Elder, check it out because I get your letter same day and I could read it throughout the week and then respond on Saturday. I think all you would need is my address info from my last post on facebook. Or if you want to email, email me preferably at least by 10 am on Saturday because I could print them off and read them until I have my hour which is anywhere from 1:30-3:30. Thanks a lot! 

Monday, August 11, 2014

JASON-August 11, 2014

...Well that was hard...but rewarding! 

Hello everyone! Man, that had to have been the hardest week in my whole mission so far. I dont even know where to start...i guess with the transfers; So As you all read, I had transfers last week, and so saying goodbye to Elder Goldsbery was hard, but its like my trainer Elder Womack Said: "Si no hay cambios, no hay progreso" (if there arent changes, there is no progress.)  So we headed over to the offices, and there is a stake center right next to the offices, and so we are all sitting in the stake center, about 80 of us, and they are announcing the transfers. They said that my new companion was: ELDER JUAREZ! hes from my generation! (meaning we arrived here in the mission the same day). and we were both in eachothers first district! So i was happy...always so happy to hear who your companion is, and if you know him theres that sigh of relief. 

But heres the catch: im still in the same ward, just in a different area. (so i still see elder GOldsberry a ton :)  Haha, here we go: so there were 2 elders in this area in our ward, the zone leaders, and one of them took the assistants place, and that assistant came here with the other zone leader. but, the zone leaders went to open another area in the zone and so they put Elder Newman and Elder Juarez in that area that they were in. And lets just say...they arent really helping us at all, noone has touched the area book in like 4 months, and so we are basically opening up a new area. Its hard to explain all the details, but it was definitely so hard this week. 

But im so grateful because in this last week i have really learned how to take initiative, and how to be grateful. I love President Dieter F. Uchtdorfs talk, "Grateful in any circumstance", and have read it every day this last week. I love how in it he says " how often do we wait for the rainbow before thanking God that there is rain" or something like that. And it was just good to be able to read how i can make the best out of the situation weve been given. He explains that while we should be thankful for the things that we have, he also suggests an overall attitude of gratitude, so that we can be grateful in any and every circumstance. 

We are learning a lot in this new area, and we actually already had a baptism! got a little bit of harvesting to so here, as we continue to plant more seeds. Even though we just got here, you bet i consider each and every one of these people who will get baptized as my/our investigators, because i love each and every one of them. Especially armando, the one who got baptized and Confirmed this weekend. he is so funny. Im glad we were able to help him get to baptism, and we actually are hoping to have his sister baptized this saturday. We just got them married, and so she is now ready to head for the font! 

This area has great potential, and Elder Juarez and I are just learning to be grateful and to work with what we have. 

I love you all and the message this week: You can CHOOSE to be grateful: in any circumstance! 

all my love, 



**Elder Newman**

Saturday, August 9, 2014


Hola de el CCM!!Hi from the MTC!! 
Currently, I am really tired! haha but the MTC is great! I have arrived safe and sound and things are going great! I love my district. The Elders are so funny. 
So I think Jason, Elder Newman, mentioned this when I first heard from him in the MTC but he was saying that once you enter, things happen so fast and very quickly. Literally its just bam, bam, bam. One thing happens after the other. After I was dropped off, my host helped me with my luggage and stopped right in front of the doors and she told me to walk right in and I would see the New Missionaries sign and while I went inside she would take my luggage around to the other side. Sure enough when I got in, I was walking behind two Elders and the sister who was guiding us looked past them and straight at me and said Hi Sister :) I couldn't help beaming and grinning practically from ear to ear. I went inside and got my little envelope and I knew my name tag was inside. I held it close and waited to see who would help me next. I then proceeded to have a sister ask if I'd been set apart and she pinned it on my shirt. I couldn't believe it. I was trying to hold back tears it just felt indescribable. I had my missionary tag and it felt unreal. I still can't believe it I didn't think I would have to get used to it lol. After that I met my host again and we went to get my books. Again, she said she would take my luggage around the building and would wait for me outside. I got my sack of books (which there are so MANY!) and met her outside. I felt so bad because as I approached her she said slightly panting, trying to hide it, "Okay. Here you go. Now all you do is get on the bus and it will take you to the other campus." I got on the bus and sat towards the front and then waited for just a few minutes and then we left to travel to the CCM! The spanish MTC. I love it here. Especially when the Elders walk by and say, "Hola Hermanas". I mean everyone, all the missionaries say "Hola" and I just think it's so cool we all are here to not only learn how to be full-time missionaries and teach people the gospel, but ALL of us are learning Spanish! It's even fun to say back to the Elders, "Hola Elderes!" haha it's fun. Everyone says the same. 
One thing is for sure, the MTC doesn't waste any time. We had our first exposure to what it's like being a missionary on the first night. We listened to three investigators and we were instructed to listen and feel what they needed and then ask the right questions to talk to them. Then the next day we had class and our teacher immediately started talking to us in Spanish ONLY! No ingles. No English at all. And surprisingly, I understood a lot of what he was saying. Spanish is coming to me much easier than I expected and my district has already said they think I'm the best haha The teachers even contemplated saying I should be in the intermediate class but I'm glad I'm staying in beginner because honestly, it's still difficult either way but it's all good. I just feel special my district is always saying, "Hermana Newman, how do you say this?" When we even met with the branch Presidency they were pointing fingers towards me when asked who is doing really well. It's just amazing how much I am able to recall, I love it. 
We have had so much class it's crazy. Yesterday alone we had class and study time for 8 and a half hours! Not consecutively of course but still. It's a lot. I know now why they say, just get through the first Sunday lol So far I have already learned how to say my testimony and prayers in Spanish and we had our first lesson yesterday ALL in Spanish!!! It was very difficult. Hermana Bloomfield and I (my companion) didn't do so good. We were so nervous we kept forgetting what we wanted to say! We have sat down in companionship study though, and set some goals of how we can do better for Monday. Yeah can you believe it, we teach again on Monday. Aahh! haha they don't mess around here. Time is precious and I can see why.. speaking of which, I only have a few minutes left so I need to write the Branch President. If I missed anything I'll just have to write it down for next week! Wish me luck!
Muchisimas Gracias,
Hermana Newman

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Monday, August 4, 2014

Two new spanish words: higado y anginas :) (liver and tonsils)

whoa what a week! first and foremost, we hardly worked this week, because i got sick. on tuesday, i woke up with a sore throat, but it wasnt like a regular sore throat. i didnt have a cough but it was just straight up pain that i felt anytime I swallowed anything. so then we went to the doctor on wednesday, and sure enough, i out of nowhere got a throat infection, and so they gave me antibiotics. My tonsils (anginas in spanish) also swelled up a bit inside my neck; i was scared i might have to get them removed out here on the mission (so doing that When i return). they didnt seem to be helping though, so then we went to the hospital (just another doctor, i wasnt hospitalized or anything), and they told me the same thing, only gave me more medicine as well as a shot in the backyard =P  so we rested all week, and it was just hard because i didnt feel sick, just that my throat was bad so i couldnt be in the sun. Elder Goldsberry gave me a blessing, and thankfully...

...Im doing ok! im back to normal health now. really it was just a weird thing that happened. but i definitely did learn something last week; that no matter what, patience is required at all times, and if anything, We cant be humble without first being patient. if not with others, at least first with ourselves, and we need to recognize that this journey to becoming like Christ wont be easy and we will fall a lot, but we have to be patient with ourselves, as well with others. i didnt know why i got sick, for there was absolutely no reason for that to happen. but, it did, and i knew i had a choice: that i could either be mad for no reason, or make the most of the situation, trust in the lord, and wait for it to pass. Im glad i was able to learn this valuable lesson this past week. 

Anyway, I remember that last week we ate at a members house, and guess what she served us? ready for this-cool food story: I ate cow liver!! (Higado in spanish) it wasnt bad actually, and it was pretty chewy! haha we had chile too and the enchiladas was coated in it, and this was when my throat started to hurt and so it destroyed me lol...gotta love the mission. 

So, very sad, yet exciting, but last night we got the transfers call, and they told me that i have transfers. I still dont know where im going, or who is going to be my companion, but i know that whatever happens, all will be well. This week is a bit shorter, because as previously mentioned, we didnt work hardly at all, but i am excited to continue on with the adventure of the mission. take care, all of you, and know that I love you all!!!




**Elder Newman**

 Book of mormon in mayan! ...doesnt have a lot of parts. like the book of ether

Photos taken August 1st 2014

had to come here this worries, im back to normal. 

Photo taken August 1st 2014

my scripture system...each tab corresponds to each point of the 5 mission lessons Book of mormon and DyC

Photos taken August 3rd 2014

it rained a TON! practically every night...taken from our little patio of our house .... fun with the camera :)

Photos taken July 31st 2014

Sunday, August 3, 2014

The plaque

Yay.  It's good to see Jason's plaque hanging in the church.