Monday, March 31, 2014

Same ward, Same comp, new area- mmm mmm good :)

Tons of news. 

First off, today is Exchanges. By pure miracle, the Lord has allowed me to continue working with elder Womack this cycle! so we will be working together much fun. Oh, and he got called to be the District leader so it will be fun to help him and support him, as we continue to go forth and work. 

Second, we will be recieving 2 more missionary companionships to the ward, (4 new sisters) to the district, thus making the count of missionaries in our ward to 12. Friends and family, this will be the first ward in all of latin america to have 12 missionaries. WOOHOO! with that being said though, we had to make 2 new areas, causing some of us to move around to different areas but still in the ward. hence the subject of the email, Elder womack and i will be moving areas. really really sad because we had so much success going on in our previous area, but its ok because we are excited to stay together so we know we will be successful still. 

the area that we are moving to is in the colonia Riberas. it is the most northern part of the city of Chihuahua, so we will have to take the bus a lot more. i mean, its technically our of the city because we pass the "welcome to chihuahua/leaving Chihuahua" sin everytime we enter/exit the area. 

in more simple words, our area is "out in the boonies" lol!

this also means we will be moving into a new house and we are excited because it is literaly only one room. i mean, there are barely 2 rooms but the one is just enough room for our beds so it will definitely be cozy. 

But in general news, everything is pretty good! im really excited for General Conference! the Prophet and general authorities always know how to heal us, and im excited because it will be my first conference in the mission! the time has flew by so fast...i cant believe I already have 4 and a half months! loving every minute of it though. 

Everyone, please take care and know that our Heavenly Father has an infinite love for each and every one of us, and that someday we can make it back to him. i love you all! 




**Elder Newman**

Photo Taken March 25, 2014

Just a part of my idea who the lady is

Photo Taken March 26, 2014

Me and la Familia muñoz Gonzales (a cute old couple in the ward)

Photo Taken March 26, 2014

Elder womacks sister got married last week, so we made this for her. 4 of us from our district, 2 other sisters, and our raramuri teacher. 

Monday, March 24, 2014

The Church is true and the book is blue.

We had 2 baptisms this week! KA-CHING!!!! Erasmo and Kevin. a father sand son, they are so cool and we are so happy for them. we even got to do the ordinance for them, and it was a very spiritual experience. 

also, we got to have a meeting with our president and we learned how to teach a little bit better. it all has to start with the nature of god, and once people understand this, it will be easier for them to accept the gospel. so we are working very hard to help all of our lamanite brothers and sisters out here to see just how much our Heavenly Father loves them very much. 

Also, we had 3 investigators in the chapel and 3 less active families! I love this ward and i will be so sad to leave it when i do...but, i hope thats not any time soon. oh and heres something cool-we will be getting 4 more missionaries, so 2 more companionships in the ward so there will be a whopping 12 missionaries in the ward!!!!!!! for that reason, they called a 3rd ward mission leader, and we also split up our areas a bit. We even looked for a new house to rent for us so that we could actually live in our area but it might not be available for a month or so...

I just cant express how happy i am being out here serving the Lord. One of my favorite things to is studying like i never have before. the scriptures are the best, and they literally tell us everything! 2 nephi chapter 29 was my favorite this just proves how real and how valid/valuable the book of mormon really is. I know we have the Pearl of great price, but I think we can all agree that the Book of Mormon really is the pearl-shoot, the diamond for that matter, of everything. It is the "most correct of any book on earth, and that a man would get nearer to God by abiding by its precepts" (joseph smith, intro to the Book of Mormon). I take great joy in trying to know My heavenly Father and Jesus Christ better, and I know the Book of Mormon is what helps me the most in doing that. 

I pray that all is well with everyone and that we can all continue to have faith and keep going through the hard times! Hurrah for Israel! 




**Elder Newman**

Photo taken March 23, 2014

Familia Chavira and I (the one in the white shirt is Hermano Chavira. He is blind and humble, and we LOVE him! 

Photo taken March 20, 2014

Left to Right: E. Womack, Nancy and her son, Erasmo, Kevin, and I. 

Photo taken March 20, 2014

Me in front of a graffiti painting (there is graffiti all over, especially on the litttle brick walls around the schools 

Photo taken March 18, 2014

Me in front of the most authentic mexican-looking house/setting i have ever seen

Photo taken March 17, 2014

me playing soccer with the zone

Photo taken March 6, 2014

Hermana Chavez, me, and Presidente Chavez

Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St Patricks Day

Another one of those remedial holidays that doesnt exist here :)

mis Queridos hermanos y hermanas, i love you all and wish you all the best in your lives right now. I had a really good week and am in love with this area, the ward, the district/zone, and just everything here! i really hope i dont, but im pretty sure i might change next exchanges. this area is and always will be my favorite though. 

With the Work, we found a few new families and are so excited for our investigators Erasmo and Kevin, his son, who are getting baptized the 21st (this friday!). also, this weekend we had divisions. Elder Hernandez came to my area to see how things are and everything and he is from mexico city and doesnt speak english, so it was  fun to teach him a bit. thats something i love especially is the prople here that I get to work with, and teach. and i mean, how awesome is it that the Lord has blessed me with a tongue loose enough to communicate with his Lamanite Children. I love it here and i am so grateful for this call, cause this mission is perfect for me. 

Its getting warmer here, but man was it freezing sunday morning! it was seriously like 35 here...haha weird. just wanted to mention it because it made me feel at home what with the cold weather and all there in utah :)

Also, Pedro. Pedro  found US about a month ago, and weve been really trying to bass by as much as we can, but its hard cause he is busy a lot. but he is our 21 yr old investigator that speaks english, so thanks to my mom sending me one, we gave him an english book of mormon. he has only read a little bit but we hope to get him to the font soon! haha, of course not when we want, but when the Lord wants. its His House, so we do things His way. 

also, we have each sunday started to have training classes for all the ward leaders, and for the ward missionaries, to help them better magnify their callings. 4 missionaries teach the leaders, and the other 4 (including me and E Womack) teach the ward missionaries. its a lot of fun and the Lord is very much hastening his work through many various means. Oh, and can I just say we have the BEST ward mission leader!? we is so amazing and dedicated, and is extremely helpful. picture next week. 

I hope you all like the pictures and once again, am, so grateful for all your support. i hope we can all have a good week, and I know that when we live the Plan that our Heavenly Father has set for us, that when we make the Gospel of Jesus Christ a way of life, it is only then that we can experience the type of happiness and joy that our Father in Heaven wants for us to experience: eternal. There really IS a way to make it back to him, and it is only found in the Lords church: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I love this Gospel! 

Take care and have a good week, everyone! 



**Elder Newman**

Photo Taken March 17, 2014

Happy St Patrick's Day

Photo taken March 12, 2014

new scripture cases!! left is the triple, and right is the bible :)

Monday, March 10, 2014

Hello. ..hola...kuiraba--it's all the same right?

hello everyone!! 

man this week was insane. i am learning a new language, happy birthday, mom!, we had a baptism, and the church flooded. 

lets start with number 1. we all know that the indigenous people who live in the united states are known as native american indians, right? they have their own tribes, culture, language, etc. well, here in mevico, its quite similar. here in chihuahua,m especially, the natives are known as tarahumadas, and they have their own language and culture too. the main dialect they speak is called raramuri, and the president has asked us to start taking classes. whaaaaat!!?! haha its pretty hard, but i just hope i will at least be able to use my notes when speaking to someone because i have no idea how i will ever be able to memorize it. but how sweet is that right! i want you guys to look up the terms tarahumada and raramuri on wikipedia cause its really cool and you can all see what its all about. yay! 

happy birthday, mom! 49! way to go :) 

our dearest investigator tere (short for teresa) got baptized this saturday, and it was so amazing to see her take this big step in her life. everytime she prays she tears up, and when she got in the font and the prayer was said, she started to tremble too. the spirit literally just filled her up all the time and we are thankful to have had the opportunity to teach her. she truly is converted and knows who her savior is, and that through his infinite love, we can all make it back to live with our heavenly father someday. love it! 

also, the church flooded. i think someone left the valve in the kitchen sink open, only to find that there was no water that came through (typical, seeing as how we have had water off and on due to construction for like 3 months)...anyway, but something must have happened where the water started in the middle of the night and sure enough, the whole hallway and a few rooms were covered with water!! it was crazy, and it took like 12 missionaries and 45 min to clean it up. 

well, i will send pictures, but know that this last week was great, and we are continuing to find more and more new investigators, of whom we hope to be able to help reach the goal of baptism, and more importantly, the temple! thank you all for your support and never forget that we have a heavenly father who lives and loves us, as well as a savior and redeemer, named jesus christ. 

till next time! 



**Elder Newman**

Photo taken March 8, 2014

E Womack, Tere, E Newman

Photo taken March 7, 2014

My district

Photo taken March 7, 2014

The church flooded!! 

Photo taken March 4, 2014

Max and i after doing service at a members house 

Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3, 2014

I love it here! 

My campanion makes me laugh so much! we have a great time together and are loving serving with all our hearts and putting our trust in the lord. the main thing on our minds is Hermana Maria Teresa Cisneros (we call her "tere"). she is getting baptized this saturday! we are so excited for her and will definitely send pictures. Ever since we met her, I have been saying that she is my favorite and now she is getting baptized! if you can, pray for her that she will be able to abstain from coffee this week before her baptism. the work is going great with our other investigators too! 

For example, we were just walking along one of the main roads in our area, when all of a sudden, this guy comes up to us, and in perfect english he says "hey, are you the church guys?" and we were so confused at what to say, only because we didnt know wether to respond in english or spanish haha. but it was great we were like "yes!" and he said that his name was Pedro, and that he is looking for a church to go to but isnt sure which one to go to because theres so many. HALLELUJAH!! haha we got talking to him and he, for lack of better terminology, was just a super cool guy. flat out. we got his address and everything and he didnt come to church with us like we invited, but its ok cause were gonna go visit him today ortomorrow and see if we cant place a fecha with him haha (Baptismal date).

Church yesterday was so good! we had 5 investigators come with us and it was sweet to see them smiling and embraced by members. Erasmo, our most recent and diligent investigator, who has a baptismal date for the 22nd (yay!) loved it and we are excited to be teaching him too. he is awesome, he is a paramedic/firefighter/security guy at soriana, the local grocery store, and probably has other training that we dont know about. we love him and has recieved his answer to the truthfulness of the book of mormon, as well as i know we all can. 

this week may be a bit shorter than usual, but its because i want time to send you all pictures of how its going out here in chihuahua! so i will finish here, but as always, know that I love you all, and that the Lord is Hastening his work like never before, and if we heed to his counsel and live the gospel as we have been instructed to, we will be able to joyfully recieve the blessings and mansions that our Heavenly Father has promised us in the Celestial Kingdom. Hasta Luego! 



**Elder Newman**

Photo taken February 8, 2014

technically a baptism, just that they moved to another family. but the familia Silva and the original missionaries that taught them

Photo taken January 27, 2014

me stirring the laundry haha...its to mix the soap around 

Photo taken January 24, 2014

me eating quesadillas with jalapeño inside! 

Photo taken February 18, 2014

us with la familia Reyes (the wife, clara is taking the picture)