Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3, 2014

I love it here! 

My campanion makes me laugh so much! we have a great time together and are loving serving with all our hearts and putting our trust in the lord. the main thing on our minds is Hermana Maria Teresa Cisneros (we call her "tere"). she is getting baptized this saturday! we are so excited for her and will definitely send pictures. Ever since we met her, I have been saying that she is my favorite and now she is getting baptized! if you can, pray for her that she will be able to abstain from coffee this week before her baptism. the work is going great with our other investigators too! 

For example, we were just walking along one of the main roads in our area, when all of a sudden, this guy comes up to us, and in perfect english he says "hey, are you the church guys?" and we were so confused at what to say, only because we didnt know wether to respond in english or spanish haha. but it was great we were like "yes!" and he said that his name was Pedro, and that he is looking for a church to go to but isnt sure which one to go to because theres so many. HALLELUJAH!! haha we got talking to him and he, for lack of better terminology, was just a super cool guy. flat out. we got his address and everything and he didnt come to church with us like we invited, but its ok cause were gonna go visit him today ortomorrow and see if we cant place a fecha with him haha (Baptismal date).

Church yesterday was so good! we had 5 investigators come with us and it was sweet to see them smiling and embraced by members. Erasmo, our most recent and diligent investigator, who has a baptismal date for the 22nd (yay!) loved it and we are excited to be teaching him too. he is awesome, he is a paramedic/firefighter/security guy at soriana, the local grocery store, and probably has other training that we dont know about. we love him and has recieved his answer to the truthfulness of the book of mormon, as well as i know we all can. 

this week may be a bit shorter than usual, but its because i want time to send you all pictures of how its going out here in chihuahua! so i will finish here, but as always, know that I love you all, and that the Lord is Hastening his work like never before, and if we heed to his counsel and live the gospel as we have been instructed to, we will be able to joyfully recieve the blessings and mansions that our Heavenly Father has promised us in the Celestial Kingdom. Hasta Luego! 



**Elder Newman**

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