Monday, March 31, 2014

Same ward, Same comp, new area- mmm mmm good :)

Tons of news. 

First off, today is Exchanges. By pure miracle, the Lord has allowed me to continue working with elder Womack this cycle! so we will be working together much fun. Oh, and he got called to be the District leader so it will be fun to help him and support him, as we continue to go forth and work. 

Second, we will be recieving 2 more missionary companionships to the ward, (4 new sisters) to the district, thus making the count of missionaries in our ward to 12. Friends and family, this will be the first ward in all of latin america to have 12 missionaries. WOOHOO! with that being said though, we had to make 2 new areas, causing some of us to move around to different areas but still in the ward. hence the subject of the email, Elder womack and i will be moving areas. really really sad because we had so much success going on in our previous area, but its ok because we are excited to stay together so we know we will be successful still. 

the area that we are moving to is in the colonia Riberas. it is the most northern part of the city of Chihuahua, so we will have to take the bus a lot more. i mean, its technically our of the city because we pass the "welcome to chihuahua/leaving Chihuahua" sin everytime we enter/exit the area. 

in more simple words, our area is "out in the boonies" lol!

this also means we will be moving into a new house and we are excited because it is literaly only one room. i mean, there are barely 2 rooms but the one is just enough room for our beds so it will definitely be cozy. 

But in general news, everything is pretty good! im really excited for General Conference! the Prophet and general authorities always know how to heal us, and im excited because it will be my first conference in the mission! the time has flew by so fast...i cant believe I already have 4 and a half months! loving every minute of it though. 

Everyone, please take care and know that our Heavenly Father has an infinite love for each and every one of us, and that someday we can make it back to him. i love you all! 




**Elder Newman**

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