Monday, March 10, 2014

Hello. ..hola...kuiraba--it's all the same right?

hello everyone!! 

man this week was insane. i am learning a new language, happy birthday, mom!, we had a baptism, and the church flooded. 

lets start with number 1. we all know that the indigenous people who live in the united states are known as native american indians, right? they have their own tribes, culture, language, etc. well, here in mevico, its quite similar. here in chihuahua,m especially, the natives are known as tarahumadas, and they have their own language and culture too. the main dialect they speak is called raramuri, and the president has asked us to start taking classes. whaaaaat!!?! haha its pretty hard, but i just hope i will at least be able to use my notes when speaking to someone because i have no idea how i will ever be able to memorize it. but how sweet is that right! i want you guys to look up the terms tarahumada and raramuri on wikipedia cause its really cool and you can all see what its all about. yay! 

happy birthday, mom! 49! way to go :) 

our dearest investigator tere (short for teresa) got baptized this saturday, and it was so amazing to see her take this big step in her life. everytime she prays she tears up, and when she got in the font and the prayer was said, she started to tremble too. the spirit literally just filled her up all the time and we are thankful to have had the opportunity to teach her. she truly is converted and knows who her savior is, and that through his infinite love, we can all make it back to live with our heavenly father someday. love it! 

also, the church flooded. i think someone left the valve in the kitchen sink open, only to find that there was no water that came through (typical, seeing as how we have had water off and on due to construction for like 3 months)...anyway, but something must have happened where the water started in the middle of the night and sure enough, the whole hallway and a few rooms were covered with water!! it was crazy, and it took like 12 missionaries and 45 min to clean it up. 

well, i will send pictures, but know that this last week was great, and we are continuing to find more and more new investigators, of whom we hope to be able to help reach the goal of baptism, and more importantly, the temple! thank you all for your support and never forget that we have a heavenly father who lives and loves us, as well as a savior and redeemer, named jesus christ. 

till next time! 



**Elder Newman**

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