Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Natalie December 28, 2015

New Beginnings
Helloo everyone!! 
I hope you all had a Merry Christmas :D We can sure feel the love of the members here, especially from all the food they share with us. Truly, we are so blessed. This week alone I think I've eaten the most cake than that in the entire time I've been serving a mission. Ooh we ate a lot of sugar and candy and food from the dinners and such haha They are all so sweet and give us little things here and there but all good... And now we anticipate the new year how excited 2016!!! 

This year of 2015 went by so super fast, have absolutely no idea where it went but the thing I love about a new year is the goals that we set and clearly we have the chance always or rather anytime of the year to set goals however I love the beginning too because it gives us that perspective of 365 days, what is it we want to accomplish or reflect on what we want to improve. When setting goals, it is also, of course, important to assure that they be SMART goals. For those of you who maybe at the moment don't know or can't remember.. SMART goals are goals that are Specific, Measurable, Applicable, Realistic, and with Time. 

I have already set my goals and desires for this year. When setting goals it is also recommendable.. is that a word?... or just recommended?... you decide haha well it is a good idea to of course, consult the Lord in His will for us. We may have things in mind but so does He, so we need to be able to aline our will with His. 

I know that as we constantly look to Him for guidance and assurance, He will direct us. It sometimes may be a scary thing, to completely trust in Him, but as we practice that willingness, He will bless us even more. I personally like to consider more than we can imagine :)

Hermana Carbajal and I are doing great, she is wonderful, just awesome, I feel like I hardly need to train her because she learns so fast and on her own applies everything. We are having a bit of difficulties right now with a lot of people to teach but we keep on trying. I hope that we can each do our part and try a little harder to be better than yesterday and serve others the best we can. And I know that if we don't have that desire, we can pray and ask for it so that we can become like Jesus Christ, God's only begotten son. Have a great week and Happy New Year!!!!!


Hermana Newman

Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Day.

Josh and I along with their mother and Alan, were delighted to see and talk with Natalie and Brandon on Christmas.   The picture is from a post their mother posted on Facebook.   

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Natalie December 15, 2015

Going back..
Hello one and all! I apologize I've be so inconsistent with these emails. I've repented and I'm going to be better lol 

How is everyone? I hope you liked the video ''A Savior is Born''. If you haven't visited the webpage I invite you to check it out because there is another small video that's really good too I think it's called something like ''The World Without a Savior''. That whole webpage for Christmas is amazing, really special :) Here it is again if you need it's easy to remember:

Well, I have to say being in the mission has had it's suprises. I didn't expect this transfer to be returning back to my second area when I came to CancĂșn the first time. We had changes yesterday or transfers and I have a new companion. I am now finishing the training of another missionary who is new to the mission. Her name is Hermana Carbajal. (Sister Car-ba-hall) She is from Honduras! Really sweet, down to earth and has a lot of compassion. 

I am excited to train her or more like help her finish training because when a missionary first comes to the mission, they receive an in-field training of 12 weeks and she already finished 5 so I get to help her with the 7 that are left! Yay :)

I think the Heavenly Father sent me back here because obviously there is something I need to learn that I didn't the first time and as well, find the families that have their hearts open and willing to recieve the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I hope that with our prayers, diligence, hard work, patience, desire to love and obedience, we will have sucess in finding and helping them change their lives for the better by receiving the saving ordinances of the Gospel. 

Have a great week to all and remember to share the video ''A Savior is Born'' with everyone! Because everyone needs to know why and that it happened that a savior was born and that savior is the Lord Jesus Christ. I know His Atonement is real, I've lived it, I love it, I hunger to have it in my life. I know this is true. I humbly share and testify in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

With much love,

Hermana Newman