Monday, April 27, 2015

Jason April 27, 2015

 "he aqui, hemos obrado muchos grandes milagros en esta tierra..." 

(for behold, many mighty miracles we have wrought in this land)

WOW, how is everyone!!! i had quite the week! 

last monday, after writing everyone, we went to the district meeting, then had a zone meeting after, where we got all excited for the 40 baptisms we have as a goal as a zone for may. and then interestingly enough, while in a trio with elder Johnson and one of my zone leaders, the zone leader gets a call and tells me i have cambios!! (transfers), and that i had to be in the offices the next day at 10:00 am.....what!? what a surprise!! it was cool though, because when i heard that there were 2 families, and suprisingly not more, that came to mind and that i was gonna miss a lot: Zobeida and her family, which i will never forget, and Isabel and her family (the big family in the baptism photo that i sent last week). i will miss them very much, as well as my son, elder johnson, but i know ill see all of them again. It was cool. though, cause another elder in the zone, Elder Mcgavin also had the same situation and had cambios! so we had to be up really early and ready, to be on the 7:00am bus from cuauhtemoc to chihuahua. 

GOODBYE CUAUHTEMOC :( this point elder Mcgavin and i are on the bus and we still dont know where our next areas are gonna be, nor do we know who our companions are. but we are happy, and i had actually been on companion exchanges with elder Mcgavin a few times already so i know him a little bit. but we just talked on the bus ride. 

we get to the offices, and the assistants tell us that we are both gonna be companions, and that Elder Mcgavin and I are gonna be opening area!!! in a ward that was closed! (meaning, they had previously before taken out missionaries from that area, and it was without missionaries for a few weeks.)...can you imagine, a part of this word without authorized ministers of Jesus Christ?? sad... anyway, SWEET!!! we were both really excited and felt really happy to know that we were gonna both be  whats called "co senior companions".   (hence im not a district leader anymore but its all good :)

My new companion, then, is Elder Mcgavin. he is from Holladay, Utah, and is an awesome missionsry. (another gringo!) this makes him my 9th companion here in the field, and of those 9 only three have been with native Elders. but hey, its all by inspiration! actually, its really cool because we had no idea why they did this change at the start of week 2 of 6 (at the beginning of a cycle), but then i think wednesday night president called us and told us that it was pure revelation, meaning he had the impression to change us all of a sudden and knew that we would be the best companionship to open up the ward again. and, he told us that our mission is to basically do whatever the bishop of the ward says and to develop a good relationship with him. So, we are doing our best to do that, while at the same time doing our best to work hard and talk to EVERYONE! I love our area because i really feel like im camping. our house is small enough to be a large tent, our area has some areas in it that are dense in foliage, and when it rains, it pours! and oh my goodness, ill have to get pictures of this, but the streets areall so steep and hilly, its unbelieveable. i struggled for the first few days ut im good now :) 

i think sunday was the best day of the week, because we got to know all of the members and we also got to cheer them up and excite them to work with us by giving talks in sacrament meeting and singing a special musical number. (elder mcgavin can sing really well). 

I am grateful to be in the city again, and though its gonna be extremely hot these next few months, i know that the Lord has already blessed us with so many people and with lots of success. we had a great first week in working and now that we actually have materials (still dont have everything in our little house), we will be able to work and follow up better.

oh, and to close, today we hiked one of the "hills" (mountains, really) that there are here in the city, chihuahua. Its called cerro grande (big hill), and it was really fun. even though i dont know the zone too well, i feel that we all bonded great and had a fun time. it took a while, but we finally got to the top, as you can see in the photos. I loved taking pictures up there and am definitely gonna get a picture of the city printed and put up in my future house someday. i really love photography!

 well, i love everyone and am excited for us all to have a good week! i testify in the name of Jesus Christ that any and all problems and trials we have in our lives are made possible to bear through the atonement of Jesus Christ. whatever you are going through, remember to keep praying and keep going. "its not how many times we fall, rather its how many times we pick ourselves up and keep going that makes us champions" - Pres. Dieter F. Uchtdorf

i love you all!!! 



Elder Newman


*Elder Newman*


November 2013 - 2015

Alma 26:12

Natalie April 27, 2015

Just Pictures Today... Love you all!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Natalie April 20, 2015

The Search Goes On

Dearest friends and family,

Bachkauwalik? Haha that means how are you or what's goin on in Maya. I don't even know what the right spelling is but I write it like I hear it. I have discovered that I need to learn Maya! Here in Carrillo everyone speaks Spanish but, I will have the opportunity to, along the way, ask and learn the Mayan language. I am so excited I want to learn it because if I get sent to a place like Valladolid or Tizimin in Yucatan, I will need to somewhat know Maya. The majority of people speak Spanish everywhere but there are some places where it's pure Maya and it's so cool to hear! Who know I would learn a third language much less become fluent in Spanish? All my life I thought I wouldn't be able to learn the language of my family heritage and now I'm beginning Maya lol 

Well what can I say, this week was interesting we had many great lessons and many tender mercies and a few people who are hard-hearted and closed off the hearing the message of the Gospel and it's sad because they don't know, they have no idea that they can be even happier and feel the pure JOY that the Spirit brings. I know that this will happen wherever you go but I never really mentioned much about it until now. But I know, I have learned that the first step in feeling the Spirit and letting it touch our hearts is ''giving space for the seed to be planted and grow''. I once wrote from seminary in my scriptures the words, ''Faith is a choice.'' In my times of struggle I asked myself, how can it be a choice? How can I choose when I just don't feel it or just don't know? And that's the key, I wanted to KNOW and faith is NOT having a perfect knowledge. Often times I have wanted a personal manifestation that God is real, like Joseph Smith had. Who doesn't want that? 

But in the Book of Mormon we learn that if we were given ''signs'' than it would become a perfect knowledge and not faith. We recieve a witness AFTER the trial of our faith, not before. (Ether 12:6) And in the bible we learn that we ''walk by faith not by sight''. So we need to choose to believe first. In that aspect, that is why Faith is a choice. I then remembered that yes, faith is a choice. And we need to choose to believe something is true to then know it is true. And the promise comes, always of course in the time of the Lord. So we keep walking by faith until we recieve that personal ''manifestation'' or witness from the Spirit and in the meantime we give space for the seed to grow. (Alma 32:27-29) 

I will include two really great discourses about this wonderful subject because I love it. Because it's funny, you think you have learned all there is to learn about Faith but it's a battle everyday to stay on the ''strait and narrow'' path. It's so super easy to walk off but I know that we will always need to learn about faith because that is the first principle of the Gospel. It is centered in everything and more importantly, our faith needs to be in Jesus Christ. 

In other short, random news, we are preparing for a baptism this week, yay! and it's super hot here gah! Constantly sweating and our house is super tiny, it's like a studio but all is well and I love you all! 

Sister Newman<3

Jason April 20, 2015

2 confirmations and 2 new Zone leaders!!

Hoooolaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!! how is everyone!? we are doing well here in cuauhtemoc - happy and healthy! We had such a better week this week, and are going to continue to work extremely hard for next month. as a misión, the goal for converts in the month of May is 350, which divides out to 45 per zone. To accomplish this goal, we are going to be working harder, praying and fasting, and better more effective study on following the spirit. there are already a lot of people who are ready for baptism, and so we are working hard getting ourselves ready for this next month. we had 6 people in church!!! always a blessing to have people in church, blessings of the which we are always counting.

on monday we recieved 2 new zone leaders! their names are Elder Matute (former assistant), and Elder Larsen (new zone Leader). we have already had a lot of fun this week together, and we all get along really well!

I got sick this week, by getting a suprise rash on my chest, but with going to the doctor and getting medicine, then having to rest for a day, all is going well again. Mom, dont freak out, im still alive :)

as you saw in the photos, 2 of the investigators we had got baptized and confirmed!!! woohooo! we worked so hard with them and literally had taught them everything, as in all the lessons. Isabel is the mom, and Karen is the Daughter. I knew she would get baptized, and am glad that i was still able to be here when it happened. you know, theres just an unexplainable feeling when you enter into that wáter with another human being. its a holy experience everytime. I am grateful for the Priesthood, which God has given to me to use to save souls.

The work is going great here in the Mission. I know and am able to learn every single day that this work is so important, and that Christ is coming a lot sooner than we think. I know that the ONLY path that can prepare us fully to be ready for when he comes is that of the Doctrine of Christ (see 2 nephi 31:21). I am grateful to be here on the misión, and am happy to know that the Church has been restored. this is a talk that has helped me so much recently, and i know it will help all of us to be that much more on the path of discipleship.

I love you all and am always grateful for your support. Have a happy week and kep on keepin on in the journey to become perfect in Christ. take care!!




*Elder Newman*


November 2013 - 2015

Alma 26:12

Monday, April 13, 2015

Natalie April 13, 2015

OTRA VEZ!... On the Road Again 

Buenas tardes queridos! 

I wish you all could understand Spanish so I could write in Spanish haha but that's okay, maybe someday :) So what do you think? Time for changes, or transfers came again and I arrived today in a new area! It's called Felipe Carrillo Puerto. I am now even further south than Cozumel! But I love it. Already I feel something really special here and beautiful. It's a pueblo or town of maybe around 10,000 I think is what someone told me? lol well anyway, already I feel something special, I don't know what it is but I'm excited! I wanted to stay in Cancún with Hermana Gaspar, I love her, especially because all of the boundaries and limits are going to change because we will have 4 stakes! And 3 general authorities are coming end of April for the changes but anyway well more on that later.

What's more important right now is that I have arrived in this new area and have new responsabilities and new opportunities to focus on strengthening and fortifying my testimony in the restored gospel AND I have the opportunity to learn and get to know a new companion. Her name is Hermana Iñiguez (in-yee-gez). She is super tall and very humble and sweet. We are going to work hard to find those who are searching for something more in their life and want to make changes for the better and discover or rediscover who they are and what purpose they have here on earth; because it's more than coming, living, and dying. I am so grateful for the knowledge of the teachings or the Gospel of Jesus Christ because, it is through him we can always be made whole, and can always overcome whatever comes our way. I believe it was the apostle Elder Perry or Elder Oaks although I may be completely wrong, as we learn from the apostles, "Come what may, and love it". I hope you all have a great week and I hope you remember what your purpose is, who you are, and who's life you can bless.

Love from Carrillo Puerto,

Hermana Newman<3

Jason April 13, 2015

good times, bad times...either way we are still humbled and happy :)

Hello everyone!

nombre, este semana fue muy interesante... (man, this week was very interesting).

so, first and foremost, we didnt have any investigators at church yesterday :(   its ok though, we are becoming more and more humble, and what i think it was is that the lord wanted to humble us. Yesterday, we were fasting and according to helaman 5:30, i think it is, when we fast the Lord causes our hearts to be more humbled, and though we didnt expect it, we realized that if this was the lords will, we would accept it.

But it was so hard to seee that no one came, because we went and had at least 10 committed. we went with the Familia Loya and watched the finding faith in christ video, in hopes that they would act on their faith and in search for the answer, go to church to partake of the sacrament and feel the Spirit. but, they didnt go...Sobeida on saturday really opened up her heart to us, and told us that she had been praying and praying for a manifestation from god that he exists, and that 2 days later we showed up to her door and testified to her that families can be together forever. This by far was my favorite thing that happened in the week...ive always wanted to be the answer to someones prayer like that! we felt the spirit so strongly, and we were sure that they were gonna go, but they didnt get to because they didnt have gas in their car, and didnt get ready in time. we taught Guillermo the Word of wisdom lesson, and were able to take out of his house the coffee and cigarrettes that he had. he accepted to go to church and we told him we would be there at 8:00am. sunday morning, we went to pick them up, yet noone came to the door.

Im grateful, though, for these types of humbling experiences on the misión, because it allows me to become the Disciple of Christ that he has intended for me to become. We are still happy, and even more happy because today there was transfers, and a ton of people in the zone had transfers, even our 2 zone leaders, yet Elder Johnson and I didnt :) we are excited to continue to keep working with the families that the lord has guided us to find.

also, on friday it was cool that we had a training meeting with our misión president. he taught us the significance of the Parable of the talents, and it has to do with us here on earth in the last days, and the Lord has blessed each and every one with certain gifts. its our job to use those gifts, for ourselves and for the benifit of others, in order to better establish his kingdom here upon the earth. once we master said gifts, we can then ask the Lord for more, so that we can do his will and help him in this marvelous work of salvation. It was a great training meeting - i invite all to review it and study it carefully (Matthew 25: 14-30), for it will help you understand better your purpose in life and the importance of using those gifts prior to the second coming of the Master, Jesus Christ.

I love you all and know that Elder Johnson and I are doing great! we are happy, humbled everyday, and learning so much. i always comment to him that time in the misión really doesnt mean anything because i complete 17 months today, and still feel like a new missionary. learning everyday! i pray that all may have a good week and that we can continue to depend on the savior in al that we think, in all that we do, and in all that we strive to become. Love you all!

With love, from Cuauhtémoc,

Elder Newman



*Elder Newman*


November 2013 - 2015

Alma 26:12

Monday, April 6, 2015

Jason April 6, 2015

Happy easter everyone!!

what a great weekend everyone! I am grateful that this weekend, and in particular yesterday, we were all able to celebrate the resurrection of Jesús Christ, our Lord and Savior. I am so grateful that through him, all things are posible, and that because he rose again on the third day, we too shall rise again, and will be able to live forever. the catch is that we live his restored góspel in this mortal life, so that we can live forever with him and our families in the Celestial Kingdom.

This week was a Little similar to the last, in the sense that at forst we didnt get much time to be in our área, because we were in a trio, ELder Johnson and I, with one of our Zone Leaders, Elder Gallup, for a few days. so we were going back and forth from área to área, and so it was stressful because i was just worried all week about who was gonna come to conference. Which, for the record, was so refreshing, literally and spiritually, to be able to listen to in english, what a blessing. Anyway, so by friday, we were finally able to work in our área and  did the best we could with getting our investigators to committ out of desire to learn, instead of commiting to us, and bow did we see miracles. but more of that in a sec.

Ok, so monday thru wednesday, you know that we were in a trio and had a busy Schedule. but, on thursday, we got to relax a bit as we had a MISSION PARTY!! literally, our zone, the other zone in this city, and all the missionaries from the Sierra (mountain range in the state of Chihuahua), got together, along with the misión president, his counselors and secretaries and all their families. we had a great time! the main reason of why was because we worked super hard, and as a misión we achieved 230 confirmations this past month of march. The Lord is hastening his work! we played soccer, had a sweet Parrillada (grilled party), and had a great time overall.

then friday was the biggest day of work. we went with all the investigators that had been before, as many as we could, and our new family that we found last week. it was a battle, but a lot of people committed! we had a good lesson with The Familia Loya (see pictures), where we all watched the Joseph Smith movie. they have so many questions, but its good to have questions because then we know what we need to teach them. they committed to go too, ALL the members of the family (because before only the mom and daughter came).

and then it came. Saturday and sunday -- General Conference!! I was excited to be able to have it in spanish, but also i was so nervous for the investigators. In total, we had 11 investigators come to the conference, and they all loved it: Elman, Sobeida, Jamie, Maria Angelina, Isabel, Karen, Ramon, Adela, Daisy, Ramon jr. , and Lizeth. I am so grateful for the blessing and miracle we had to see them all come, and though there were technical difficulties, i was glad they were at least in the chapel, so that they could feel the spirit. i hope they progress so badly. I desire the eternal salvation of these people.

SO, we keep on keepin on here in the Misión Mexico Chihuahua. I am anxious too to find a lot of new people, as we dropped half the investigators on our lists to really narrow it down to the ones who are the most prepared. I love you all and am grateful for your support. Always.



Natalie April 6, 2015

 The key to our Happiness!

My dear friends and family,

I swear the weeks just fly by I am lost at where the time goes! This last week as most of you may know was General Conference. I just wanted to express my thoughts about this weekend which was truly an uplifting and envigorating experience for the soul, at least for my soul. I loved hearing the words or truth. There is a song we have on a CD that we play that mentions, ''The Spirit burns truth in my heart, it's in my heart'' something of that affect and it's so true. The Spirit speaks to us and confirms truth. I know that all of the words that were spoken by the Prophet, his apostles, other general authorities and auxilary leaders, were words of truth. 

The things of the world seem more and more enticing because the adversary is increasing his forces just the Lord is His, but I am so grateful that we have the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ in these latter days. 

Some people have lost sight of what is truly important and that Christ doesn't exist along with God. That simply we just appeared on the earth. That we are born, live a little, and die; ceasing to exist. How sad is that way of thinking. 

There is greater purpose for us. I know that we lived with God, our Father in Heaven, before this earth was created and that when we depart from it, we which be judged according to our actions and the desires of our heart. This time, is our time to do all we can to prove to the Lord that we want to obey His commandments, that we want to have faith, that we want to accept the Savior and His divine role in our salvation and our eternal, not solely earthly, happiness.

I urge you, along with the Prophet's voice and his apostles, to strengthen your testimony and if you don't have one or feel like you have lost it, again, as the chosen servants of Heavenly Father reminded us this past weekend: it is never too late to follow the Son of God, our Savior who KNOWS us and our spirits. I know he knows us personally. I have felt manifestations from the Holy Ghost in a variety of many different ways. All you have to do is believe.

I think that's even quoted in Peter Pan lol, all you have to do is believe. There are testimonies and manifestions of Christ and our Heavenly Father ALL around us. From experience I know, it's not worth it to listen to the whisperings of the adversary. Stay close to light and truth which can be found in the restored gospel of Jesus Christ which brings true and everlasting peace and happiness. I share all of these thoughts and feelings of my heart in the name of my savior and redeemer Jesus the Christ, Amen. 

Remember to sincerely pray, He is there and if you would like this week, here are two of my favorite talks from General Conference.

Elder Whitney L. Clayton of the Saturday Morning session 


Elder Dale G. Renlund of the Saturday Afternoon session enjoy!

Love from Cancun,

Hermana Newman

P.S. Attached is a picture of my house, random but just if you want to see where I'm at right now :)