Monday, April 6, 2015

Natalie April 6, 2015

 The key to our Happiness!

My dear friends and family,

I swear the weeks just fly by I am lost at where the time goes! This last week as most of you may know was General Conference. I just wanted to express my thoughts about this weekend which was truly an uplifting and envigorating experience for the soul, at least for my soul. I loved hearing the words or truth. There is a song we have on a CD that we play that mentions, ''The Spirit burns truth in my heart, it's in my heart'' something of that affect and it's so true. The Spirit speaks to us and confirms truth. I know that all of the words that were spoken by the Prophet, his apostles, other general authorities and auxilary leaders, were words of truth. 

The things of the world seem more and more enticing because the adversary is increasing his forces just the Lord is His, but I am so grateful that we have the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ in these latter days. 

Some people have lost sight of what is truly important and that Christ doesn't exist along with God. That simply we just appeared on the earth. That we are born, live a little, and die; ceasing to exist. How sad is that way of thinking. 

There is greater purpose for us. I know that we lived with God, our Father in Heaven, before this earth was created and that when we depart from it, we which be judged according to our actions and the desires of our heart. This time, is our time to do all we can to prove to the Lord that we want to obey His commandments, that we want to have faith, that we want to accept the Savior and His divine role in our salvation and our eternal, not solely earthly, happiness.

I urge you, along with the Prophet's voice and his apostles, to strengthen your testimony and if you don't have one or feel like you have lost it, again, as the chosen servants of Heavenly Father reminded us this past weekend: it is never too late to follow the Son of God, our Savior who KNOWS us and our spirits. I know he knows us personally. I have felt manifestations from the Holy Ghost in a variety of many different ways. All you have to do is believe.

I think that's even quoted in Peter Pan lol, all you have to do is believe. There are testimonies and manifestions of Christ and our Heavenly Father ALL around us. From experience I know, it's not worth it to listen to the whisperings of the adversary. Stay close to light and truth which can be found in the restored gospel of Jesus Christ which brings true and everlasting peace and happiness. I share all of these thoughts and feelings of my heart in the name of my savior and redeemer Jesus the Christ, Amen. 

Remember to sincerely pray, He is there and if you would like this week, here are two of my favorite talks from General Conference.

Elder Whitney L. Clayton of the Saturday Morning session 


Elder Dale G. Renlund of the Saturday Afternoon session enjoy!

Love from Cancun,

Hermana Newman

P.S. Attached is a picture of my house, random but just if you want to see where I'm at right now :) 

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