Monday, April 13, 2015

Jason April 13, 2015

good times, bad times...either way we are still humbled and happy :)

Hello everyone!

nombre, este semana fue muy interesante... (man, this week was very interesting).

so, first and foremost, we didnt have any investigators at church yesterday :(   its ok though, we are becoming more and more humble, and what i think it was is that the lord wanted to humble us. Yesterday, we were fasting and according to helaman 5:30, i think it is, when we fast the Lord causes our hearts to be more humbled, and though we didnt expect it, we realized that if this was the lords will, we would accept it.

But it was so hard to seee that no one came, because we went and had at least 10 committed. we went with the Familia Loya and watched the finding faith in christ video, in hopes that they would act on their faith and in search for the answer, go to church to partake of the sacrament and feel the Spirit. but, they didnt go...Sobeida on saturday really opened up her heart to us, and told us that she had been praying and praying for a manifestation from god that he exists, and that 2 days later we showed up to her door and testified to her that families can be together forever. This by far was my favorite thing that happened in the week...ive always wanted to be the answer to someones prayer like that! we felt the spirit so strongly, and we were sure that they were gonna go, but they didnt get to because they didnt have gas in their car, and didnt get ready in time. we taught Guillermo the Word of wisdom lesson, and were able to take out of his house the coffee and cigarrettes that he had. he accepted to go to church and we told him we would be there at 8:00am. sunday morning, we went to pick them up, yet noone came to the door.

Im grateful, though, for these types of humbling experiences on the misión, because it allows me to become the Disciple of Christ that he has intended for me to become. We are still happy, and even more happy because today there was transfers, and a ton of people in the zone had transfers, even our 2 zone leaders, yet Elder Johnson and I didnt :) we are excited to continue to keep working with the families that the lord has guided us to find.

also, on friday it was cool that we had a training meeting with our misión president. he taught us the significance of the Parable of the talents, and it has to do with us here on earth in the last days, and the Lord has blessed each and every one with certain gifts. its our job to use those gifts, for ourselves and for the benifit of others, in order to better establish his kingdom here upon the earth. once we master said gifts, we can then ask the Lord for more, so that we can do his will and help him in this marvelous work of salvation. It was a great training meeting - i invite all to review it and study it carefully (Matthew 25: 14-30), for it will help you understand better your purpose in life and the importance of using those gifts prior to the second coming of the Master, Jesus Christ.

I love you all and know that Elder Johnson and I are doing great! we are happy, humbled everyday, and learning so much. i always comment to him that time in the misión really doesnt mean anything because i complete 17 months today, and still feel like a new missionary. learning everyday! i pray that all may have a good week and that we can continue to depend on the savior in al that we think, in all that we do, and in all that we strive to become. Love you all!

With love, from Cuauhtémoc,

Elder Newman



*Elder Newman*


November 2013 - 2015

Alma 26:12

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