Monday, September 29, 2014


Deseo, la fe, y el fruto

(desire, faith, fruit)

Hey everyone!

oh man, this week was SO much better! we had lots of fun and success, and learned even more how important it is to rely on the lord in ALL that we do. we are finding more work, and more and more teaching opportunities are being made known unto us as the Lord is preparing more and more people in our little city. we are getting to know our area better, as well as the members and who they are and everything. The members are so wonderful here. theres not too many that are really strong and active, but the ones who are are so helpful and support the lord in his missionary work. life is good :)

Also, we are so excited for general conference this wekend, as well as for our birthdays on the 25th! im pretty sure i mentioned, but My companion Elder Perez and I have the same birthday! haha its awesome. and we eat with my favorite member family that day! 

As the week went on, we had some great lessons with our investigators. Here are a few updates as to how some are doing: 

ANDRES: andres is technically not an investigator, because he wont get baptized (he is mentally special and so there is no need - only came here to earth to get a body :), but we did go and visit him and his mom wants us to visit him cause she knows what our church is about and so cause he stays at home all day, we came and took him over to the park and we taught him about the restoration as we all ate popsicles. im sure he loved it - hes a great guy. 

FELIX: felix is 9, and is part of a less active  family, but he never got baptized. He loves it when we come over and this week we were actually able to teach him all of lesson 1: the restoration. Im so proud of him for having sat through the whole thing, and actually was amazed at how he understood what the difference is between apostasy and dispensation. hes such s champ...when we asked him "so, felix, for you, who is God?" and hes said "Hes my dad. well, ok so actually i have 3 dads: Santa clause, My real dad, and God". haha we got a kick out of that one. 

LULY/PEDRO: Luly is the sister of one of the really strong members. She is cathiloc and has told her sister that she will never change religion. but, by all means, she wanted us to come over and give her house and her a blessing. we ended up giving her whole family blessings, and the house, and they said we can come back whenever we wanted. its so nice and comforting to hear people say that. "cuando gusta, este es su casa" ah. love it. anyway, also so her husband is a reporter and he interviewed us, being young people, and asked us about what we thought about the recent tragedies that are happening in the world, teenage suicide, etc. we bore testimony of the Atonement, and how Christ already suffered for our sins, pains, affirmities, afflictions, sicknesses, sadnessses, etc., so that we wouldnt have to. and we dont have to. 

DELFINA AND DIEGO: this was a miracle for sure. so, the week prior to last week, delfina had told us that she wants to get separated in order to be baptized, and we werent really sure what to do, until she had told us that she had changed her mind and that she was thinking it would be better to get married in place of getting separated. So, after much of taking initiative and trusting in the Lord with all our hearts, "and leaning now unto our own understanding" (proverbs 3:5-6), we were able to get all the papers and signatures together and we got them married. then, even more of a miracle, instead of getting Baptized on october 11th, they changed their mind and decided it would be better to get baptized on the 27th of september. we got a little baptismal service thrown together for them and even bought cake for everyone. it was great and I felt honored to know that Diego asked me to baptize him. it was a crazy weekend. 

phew. lots of typing. ok so we got permission from the goverment building to put up a table and pamphlets and such, to be able to preach in the plaza. it was a lot better this time, because we had a white board with the plan of salvation all laid out, and it attracted more attention. we got 10 contacts in, and will be passing by for all of them this next week. it was a lot of fun and i truly felt like a representative of the Lord as we sang hymns, Elder Perez and I, while waiting for people to come. 

OK, Last thing, so this morning Elder Perez and I studied a little bit more in depth the question "what role does faith play in the life of an investigator" and we came to the conclusion that its much more than faith that is shown from an investigator, rather that before faith can be displayed and shown, a DESIRE (a want to change) is needed. this is when we have the seed in our hand. then, once we have a desire to learn, the actual process of learning (taking the lessons) is where the FAITH is shown (keeping commitments, praying, studying, etc.) This is when we have to plant the seed, water it, care for it, give it fertilizer, sunlight, etc. then, as we know, the FRUITs of our labor will be shown (baptism, other covenants, etc.), and we will be able to partake of that fruit, which is a fruit that is so delicious. This is a principle that can be applied to anything in our lives, and not just to investigators. (See alma chapter 32)

I know the Lord lives and Loves us, and that we are his children. he wants the best for us, which is exhaltation, and he has provided the way for us to have that. its called the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and its only through Jesus Christ who makes the entire plan of God even possible. 

Have a great week, everyone. I love you all! 



**Elder Newman**


Me, Diego, Delfina, and Elder Perez


Hi Friends!
Okay so didn't have much time today because I was reading and responding to emails but here is a picture!

Monday, September 22, 2014


Buenos Tardes de Cozumel!

Hey again!

 I am loving it here! I was so scared and nervous the first few days but now I am settling in. I think I felt for lack of a better description, claustrophobic. I felt like I was in a box... I had no sense of direction, the streets are confusing as are the addresses, I didn't like sweating ALL THE TIME, and I hated the fact that I could barely communicate. Nothing was familiar, everything is just different and I wanted familiarity. I knew it was going to be different but it definitely took some getting used to. 

Everyone here is so respectful and humble. They don't have much at all and I was previously expecting to be in houses made of cement but once again it's different actually experiencing it. Some of the homes here are literally one BIG room and everything is in it, the bed, their clothes, the kitchen, their books and toys for the kids, and their tv all together. Everything has its place but for most homes, nothing is partitioned off. Some of the members homes we have eaten at do have more than one room but some don't. It amazes me how the people are humble and live with so little. And most of it is probably because they know no other way to live. 

My trainer is so great. She is such a sweetheart and I don't know how, a miracle, but somehow, I feel so much more comfortable with Spanish, I can understand more and more everyday. I am gaining more confidence in talking to people all in the streets and Hermana Andersen is a wonderful companion. She has just the right amount of balance in being a lider no leader haha sorry it's happening: My Spanish and English are mixing even more! But as I was saying, Hermana Andersen has just the right balance of being a leader and friend. She pushes me when I need it but helps me too. I don't know how she does it. She is a natural at being kind and a friend but being firm and guiding me when she needs to be. I think it's because it's a part of her to be both.

Well I would say more but again I have run out of time. I will also try again next week to attach some pictures, I have lots! Thank you all and I hope you have a great week!

Hermana Newman


New companion.  Elder Perez. 


Hola from Camargo!

Hey everyone! 

got a new companion! His name is Elder Perez, and he is from Mexico City. In getting to know him, and asking questions about him, I asked him "hey, so when is your birthday?" and he responds "october 25th". i just remember thinking to myself "oh this is gonna be a good cycle". haha we have the same birthday! along with a lot of other things in common. He is great, and actually speaks a bit of english, and I am glad to be able to help him. 

Things are slowly taking off here in Camargo, as we are continuing to get to know the entire city and are always looking for more and more people to teach. We have about 15 Investigators and a LOT of work to do with the members and Less actives. The ward is a little small, and so with that this area might be less baptisms, and more re activating of members, but In my eyes, and Im sure in Heavenly Father's as well, thats still missionary work. We do hope and anticipate to have a few baptisms in October though. 

One of our Investigators, Marlene, is going great. We are still working with her on coming to church, but I loved and wanted to share our experience we had last week with her. We had a great lesson on baptism, Recieving the Gift of the Holy Ghost, Enduring to the End, and interestingly enough, Temples. She always has questions, and through the words that the spirit puts into our mouths, we are able to answer and eliminate her doubts. We explained to her that as husband and wife, we can be sealed together for time and all eternity. she said "what to you mean by time and all eternity? isnt eternity time too?" and we said that time refers to the time we have on earth, and eternity refers to the time after this life, and we can still be married after we die, thanks to the sealing in the temple. she was so excited to hear that, and I remember she was like "Oh, now I understand!!" it was just great to hear that she understood, and we will definitely keep working with her. 

a little shorter this week, but i just reassure all of you that the Lord lives and Loves us, that His Father is our Father, even our Heavenly Father, and that if we give heed to his counsel through the Holy Ghost and obey his commandments, he will bless us here in our earth lives and in our lives after death. We will all resurrect, and through obedience to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we can be exhalted and recieve the highest degree of Celestial Glory! I love you all!




**Elder Newman**

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Natalie's First Area

Natalie - In Mexico!

Made it to México!

Well hi everyone! I made it to México! I don't have much time today because I had to write president first and then it took awhile after for the internet to work faster but I just wanted to send a quick greeting that I'm here. I'm tired, sweating a lot, worried with how little Spanish I know, and a little nervous but I'm here! I'm here and persistent on not letting my fears get to me.

I would love to write more of a greeting but as I mentioned we don't have a lot of time today but I will tell you this, I love my mission president and his wife. They truly are amazing, and that man has a powerful spirit. I could feel their love simply by looking at them when we walked out of the airport and saw them. 

We stayed at their house last night, the mission home, it's like a mansion! Seriously compared to the other homes we are around now, it's extremely nice and beautiful.

My first area, I have been sent to Cozumel!!! It is the island next to the peninsula. There are 90,000 people here! Also if my email ends abruptly, just know that it's because the lady here cuts us off when it's time and I'm not sure when that is but just fyi, heads up I don't mean it to sound that way lol

I knew it was going to be hot but man is is HOT!! I have never felt so much humidity in my life. I am sweating all the time. Ps, shout out to mi mama, thanks mom for the hankerchiefs!!

Love you all I have to go! 

Hermana Newman

Monday, September 15, 2014


Goodbye Elder Warner...

¡buen dia a todos! 

wahoo! i completed 10 months in the mission last saturday!

aw man! sure enough, Elder warner has transfers. we had the best time, though! He has helped me a lot and I will miss him. Im pretty nervous, because I only have 2 weekds here in our area (the CITY of camargo), but it was cool cause Elder Warner reminded me of something. he said "that probably means that president trusts you a lot because you only have 2 weeks in the area". so we will have to see how it goes. Dont know my new companion, and dont know if ill move up in the ranks or what. 

We had a good little week though! we worked so hard to talk to all the investigators we have, and had some marvelous lessons. In particular, I think the lesson with Elsa was the most powerful. we didnt even put her in our plans, but Elder Warner had the impression to just go a different direction and to go see if Elsa was home (she is a former investigator, meaning for various reasons, the missionaries stopped visiting her cause she wasnt progressing). but sure enough, she was home! Elsa is about 50 and apart from her daughter occasionally visiting her, she lives alone. She is very smart and now, more than ever, is so "hungry" to know what it is exactly that God wants for her. With the passing of her dad, she is desperate to know. So we had a long lesson on the plan of salvation, and the spirit was so strong. It will be a bit of a journey for her, but we hope to help her reach the point of baptism. Im grateful for Heavenly Father and for how he guided us to her house that day. 

just one of many experiences we get to have on the mission. Also, I finished reading the book of mormon this morning (first time in spanish!), and I feel so much happier. I am reflecting in my mind on its teachings, and though i have a testimony of it, i am following Moroni´s counsel and am pondering and meditating. Im grateful for the Book of Mornmon and how it has been such a blessing for me, as well as the bible and other books of scripture we have. 

Not too much to write this week...mainly because we are anticipating the transfers with elder warner and such, but all is well here in the mission, and I am loving every minute of it. thank you ALL ffor your support! 




**Elder Newman**


At airport

Saturday, September 13, 2014


Goodbye MTC!

Hey all!!

So this week has been crazy with getting ready to leave and everything. Yesterday we had In-field Orientation and I loved it :) They taught us key points about actually being in the field. For example they talked to us about not being afraid to ask the members for help in our efforts of missionary work, the importance of goal setting and making plans and then adjusting if goals aren't met, it doesn't stop after baptism. They have stressed so much that baptism isn't really the goal; it's the temple and eternal life but the only way to get there is through the first ordinance which is baptism. 

We have heard so many stories about how missionaries tend to "forget" investigators after they are baptized and if they don't have any support, they are going to leave and go back to what they know and what is comfortable. It's a big change for people and we have to do all we can to be better member missionaries to be of service and offer our time to befriend and welcome all those who we invite to learn of the gospel. 

I am constantly reminded that our purpose is not to baptize but to simply invite others to come unto Christ. I am so grateful for this, I have been reminded that while missionary work can be challenging, we aren't trying to convince anyone of anything but simply, Inviting.

As my companion Hermana Bloomfield said a few weeks ago, "it never hurts anyone to have a little more love in their life". Whether it be love you are giving or receiving, the principle remains the same. Charity is one of the most amazing gifts to have- to love as Christ loved/loves. If we don't have Charity, nothing else matters. 1 Corinthians 13:2-4 ( The whole chapter is really good though actually, it's only about 15 verses long or so I can't remember exactly.)

I am so terrified but so excited for this mission. I pray that Heavenly Father will continue to strengthen my faith, nothing wavering and always remember Him. Thank you for your support and friendship. Have a great week! T-minus 37 hours!

Hermana Newman <3

Monday, September 8, 2014


Challenge accepted!


where to begin!? this week has been very fun and different. I am now in a new area, and its not in the city of Chihuahua anymore. yep, thats right-i finally left the city! I will miss it, and always love the city of Chihuahua, but im at a different point in my mission now. I am now serving in a city called Camargo. it is about 2 hours south of the City of Chihuahua, and Our area is the entire city!!!! whoa! we are the only misionaries out here in the entire city, and the next closest city is called Saucillo (sau-see-oh), which is about 45 minutes away. We feel like we are on a little island! Its a city of about 57,000 people, so its not terribly big, but the past there were 6 missionaries here and now theres only 2, so...lots of work to do!

My new companion is Elder Warner! he is so hilarious, and Im surprised at how easy it has been to transfer areas, and not feel sadness or nervousness or anything, but i can credit a lot of that to Elder Warner. He always keeps me laughing and smiling, and we always talk! He is from Holladay too, just like Elder Goldsberry (2 companions ago), and he completed a year in the mission a few days ago! i cant believe im close to that, the time flies by! He has been here for 6 months or so, and theres only this next week left in the cycle before there are transfers, and he thinks that hes gonna have transfers (6 months in an area isnt very common), but i want him to stay for another cycle, so he can teach me the area. Its just really hard to learn our area in 2 weeks, seeing as how its a whole city. But i know that if he does get transferred next week, it will be for the best, and i might even train! haha idk. we will see...

The ward is...a little different. it should be a branch, because there really arent too many full time tithe payers/melchizedec priesthood holders, but the stake doesnt want to go down to a district, so they are still calling it a ward. The members that I have met so far are really nice, but Elder Warner says that there are a lot of complications in the ward. I just know that I am excited to have a change and to just work the best that I can out here. But to give you an idea, Elder warner and I participated in half the ordinances/program at church yesterday. We helped pass the sacrament, Bore our testimonies, Helped teach the priesthood class by giving a few blessings with Consecrated oil, and my favorite thing, we each gave a baby a name and a blessing. 

That was something I never thought id be able to do until i was a father with my own child, but that was one of the most tender experiences that I have had on the mission. The Bishop asked us to each bless a baby, and I had only heard the wording and terms used in english, but sure enough, I took the baby from the mom, held it in my arms, and elder warner and I gave her her name and a blessing (the mom already picked the name out.) I dont remember the name, but I will find out and write it next week. But really, the spirit was so strong and I look forward to the day where I will bew able to do that for my own children in the future. Im thankful for the Priesthood and for the fact that God has entrusted his Sons with the authority to exercise this power for the salvation of the Children of God. 

Our investigators are sweet! we only had one come to church yesterday, Delfina, but i am excited to teach them all! Some of them are Delfina, Memo (hes my favorite-so funny!), Erika and Adrian, Marlene, and Cinthia. Elder Warner has been with all of them since the beggining of their time with the missionaries, and so there is a pretty good relationship with all our investigators, all thats left is to help them enter the waters of baptism!  

Well, i will save more for the next email, but know that im doing all right, but more importantly, I pray that all of you are ok and happy. I know that The Plan that Heavenly Father has for us is real, and that He lives and Loves us very much. take care, and until next week! love you all!!



**Elder Newman**

Sunday, September 7, 2014


~Short and sweet~

Hey friends! 

So I don't have time to write a long letter this week if much at all since I spent time reading emails from mis padres (my parents) but I just wanted to write a few things.. Mainly, we got our travel plans!!! We leave at 2:30 to go to the airport and catch our flight at 6 AM! Then we have a layover in Texas and connect to travel to Mexico! Only 8 more days in the CCM what the? It's been exactly one month which means only 17 more! No lo creo.. I can't believe it. It's kind of surreal to me that we hardly have any time left here. 

Remember in my last email I talked about Maribel? Well I included a picture this time because we got one with her. We love her and she is such a hilarious woman! She reminds me of one of my mom's cousins.. she feels like family lol Also I am including a picture of our district and remember like one of the first few emails I sent I described one of the Elders in our group? His name is Elder Ross, he is the hilarious one and as he said, humbly of course, "So I'm like the glue that sticks us together!?" Well you'll see him in the second one too, such a goof lol

Well like I said I couldn't write much but a few random things and mainly the exciting thing that happened this week was getting our travel plans yesterday! My favorite line in our itinerary is, "Your mission has been notified of your arrival information and will be waiting to receive you." Ahh! Keep smiling! If anything I've learned this week it is despite the struggle(s) stay strong and just have faith! And pray. And listen. Thanks for reading! Have a great week.  

~Hermana Newman

Monday, September 1, 2014


Short and sweet!

Hey everyone! 

I dont have too much time to type today, for a few reasons (mainly due to a zone activity), but i will just let you know what has happened over the last 24 hours because it was a shock for me. I have....Cambios! (transfers) -- i have only been in this area for a month, but i am having transfers again. I dont know where i am going, or who my companion is, but i am sure i will love it and be able to continue to grow and progress there. I will mis Elder Juarez though, because he really helped me out a lot, when it came to the language barrier and talking to people. 

in church, 3 recent converts from our area bore testimonies of their experience in the temple on saturday. Armando, Porfirio, and Inocente - they are all so great! I especially love armando! he also blessed the sacrament for the first time with his new authority in the aaronic priesthood! so proud of him. 

I have learned patience so much more in this are more than i ever have. We faced a lot together, Elder Juarez and I. But i know that "if we keep at it, things certainly will improve" (President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, First Presidency). each companion and area has taught me one generall overall principle, and this one has taught me 2: Patience and Gratitude. im still not perfect, nor ever will be until the resurrection, but i am a little bit more aware of these 2 christlike attributes in my life, and am beginning to see better what it really means to be on the path of discipleship. 

well, thats all for now, but i pray for you all and hope everyone is having a great time in their endeavors. take care, everyone, and know i love you ALL!!! 



p.s. - I cant believe its already September!!!! (not so much here though...still feels like its summer.)


**Elder Newman**