Saturday, September 13, 2014


Goodbye MTC!

Hey all!!

So this week has been crazy with getting ready to leave and everything. Yesterday we had In-field Orientation and I loved it :) They taught us key points about actually being in the field. For example they talked to us about not being afraid to ask the members for help in our efforts of missionary work, the importance of goal setting and making plans and then adjusting if goals aren't met, it doesn't stop after baptism. They have stressed so much that baptism isn't really the goal; it's the temple and eternal life but the only way to get there is through the first ordinance which is baptism. 

We have heard so many stories about how missionaries tend to "forget" investigators after they are baptized and if they don't have any support, they are going to leave and go back to what they know and what is comfortable. It's a big change for people and we have to do all we can to be better member missionaries to be of service and offer our time to befriend and welcome all those who we invite to learn of the gospel. 

I am constantly reminded that our purpose is not to baptize but to simply invite others to come unto Christ. I am so grateful for this, I have been reminded that while missionary work can be challenging, we aren't trying to convince anyone of anything but simply, Inviting.

As my companion Hermana Bloomfield said a few weeks ago, "it never hurts anyone to have a little more love in their life". Whether it be love you are giving or receiving, the principle remains the same. Charity is one of the most amazing gifts to have- to love as Christ loved/loves. If we don't have Charity, nothing else matters. 1 Corinthians 13:2-4 ( The whole chapter is really good though actually, it's only about 15 verses long or so I can't remember exactly.)

I am so terrified but so excited for this mission. I pray that Heavenly Father will continue to strengthen my faith, nothing wavering and always remember Him. Thank you for your support and friendship. Have a great week! T-minus 37 hours!

Hermana Newman <3

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