Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Natalie - In Mexico!

Made it to México!

Well hi everyone! I made it to México! I don't have much time today because I had to write president first and then it took awhile after for the internet to work faster but I just wanted to send a quick greeting that I'm here. I'm tired, sweating a lot, worried with how little Spanish I know, and a little nervous but I'm here! I'm here and persistent on not letting my fears get to me.

I would love to write more of a greeting but as I mentioned we don't have a lot of time today but I will tell you this, I love my mission president and his wife. They truly are amazing, and that man has a powerful spirit. I could feel their love simply by looking at them when we walked out of the airport and saw them. 

We stayed at their house last night, the mission home, it's like a mansion! Seriously compared to the other homes we are around now, it's extremely nice and beautiful.

My first area, I have been sent to Cozumel!!! It is the island next to the peninsula. There are 90,000 people here! Also if my email ends abruptly, just know that it's because the lady here cuts us off when it's time and I'm not sure when that is but just fyi, heads up I don't mean it to sound that way lol

I knew it was going to be hot but man is is HOT!! I have never felt so much humidity in my life. I am sweating all the time. Ps, shout out to mi mama, thanks mom for the hankerchiefs!!

Love you all I have to go! 

Hermana Newman

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