Monday, September 1, 2014


Short and sweet!

Hey everyone! 

I dont have too much time to type today, for a few reasons (mainly due to a zone activity), but i will just let you know what has happened over the last 24 hours because it was a shock for me. I have....Cambios! (transfers) -- i have only been in this area for a month, but i am having transfers again. I dont know where i am going, or who my companion is, but i am sure i will love it and be able to continue to grow and progress there. I will mis Elder Juarez though, because he really helped me out a lot, when it came to the language barrier and talking to people. 

in church, 3 recent converts from our area bore testimonies of their experience in the temple on saturday. Armando, Porfirio, and Inocente - they are all so great! I especially love armando! he also blessed the sacrament for the first time with his new authority in the aaronic priesthood! so proud of him. 

I have learned patience so much more in this are more than i ever have. We faced a lot together, Elder Juarez and I. But i know that "if we keep at it, things certainly will improve" (President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, First Presidency). each companion and area has taught me one generall overall principle, and this one has taught me 2: Patience and Gratitude. im still not perfect, nor ever will be until the resurrection, but i am a little bit more aware of these 2 christlike attributes in my life, and am beginning to see better what it really means to be on the path of discipleship. 

well, thats all for now, but i pray for you all and hope everyone is having a great time in their endeavors. take care, everyone, and know i love you ALL!!! 



p.s. - I cant believe its already September!!!! (not so much here though...still feels like its summer.)


**Elder Newman**

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