Saturday, August 30, 2014


Week 4

Wow! Can you believe it's already week four?! I mean, technically it's only been 3 and a half weeks since missionaries come in the middle of a week but this is considered the fourth week and next week will be the 5th week! It is so crazy how the time has been picking up. I literally feel like the last two weeks went by so fast. 

But nevertheless, things are going great here! It's definitely not easy and it's definitely difficult at times but I am learning so much about being a teacher. Not only am I learning how to teach people the Gospel but overall I'm just learning how to be a teacher and when I started getting the hang of it, it's really fun. I like it because we are being taught that you can plan a lesson but go and teach completely not in the way you might have anticipated. Now, I had known this beforehand but it's been taught in a way that's been re-emphasized and you literally have to study the subject so that when the lesson goes in a different direction, you can follow the guidance.

The first lesson my companion and I had was reeeeeally bad haha because as I mentioned before, we were so focused on saying what we wrote down and the small "script" that we forgot to focus on the person we were trying to teach. Now, we have met with an investigator, Maribel, 4 lessons: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and yesterday. At the CCM (se-se-emmeh or MTC) some of the "investigators" are members of the church and some truly are not. We don't know for sure if Maribel is but I am pretty sure I saw her garments peek out haha I say this because that made me think she is a member but regardless I know for our purpose, that detail doesn't matter. 

I am really glad we are talking with her though whether she really is a member already or not because it feels real. When we would teach our maestros (teachers) it felt weird because we weren't sure how to determine what their "needs" are so it was hard for me at first to figure out how to teach because for lack of a better word, it felt "fake" since I know they aren't really investigators. Although, I have learned that the purpose is to look past that and teach anyway since we are always in need of individual growth in the gospel. 

But with Maribel, as I mentioned, it does feel real. I forget that I am only in the MTC. I forget where I am and my focus is totally on her. Sometimes when I talk with her, it's like I don't always have to think in English first and then translate in Spanish what I'm going to say. It's almost as if I don't have to think twice about Spanish! And I'm not sure if that's because I'm getting better or if talking to native Spanish speakers feels natural lol her friend told me not to worry because it's a part of my heritage I simply need to "pull it out of my blood" haha 

The only thing I don't like that Maribel has said, is that she challenged us (my companion and I) to NOT speak English para el fin de semana!... (the rest of the weekend) Sooo with the exception of accidentes and saying "you too" on purpose when someone said have a good day, I nor my companion have spoken English since Thursday evening and cannot until Monday morning! Ah! haha it's like when we played the game I told you about, El Nativo but for longer lol it's fun and I like it, we're doing really good I just don't like feeling restrained or limited.

But anyway I hope my thoughts make sense, I only have a few minutes left so I will say just a few more things about my experience here thus far :)

-I love being in the MTC choir every Tuesday for devotional. It's an amazing experience singing with 300 missionaries. It's so fun :)

-There are 1500 missionaries at the main campus and at our west campus for Spanish speakers we have about 500! At least I'm pretty sure that's what was said.

-There are now about 87,000 missionaries serving worldwide and about 20,000 are Sisters, wahoo!

-I have not had soda at ALL since coming to the MTC and even before and if you know me really well, I consider it an accomplishment because I love my Dr. Pepper. I'm trying to quit soda altogether, we'll see how much longer that lasts lol 

-Lastly, we only have two more weeks and then we leave for real! AHHH! 

:) Thanks for reading my long email, hope you all have fun this next week and please feel free to Dear Elder me because I get letters to read the same day that way! Information of my address if you need is on my facebook. I would really love to hear from you!! 

Adios hasta proximo Sabado,

Hermana Newman <3

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