Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Hola from Chihuahua

Hey everyone! 

just a heads up, about half of this email will mainly be about saturday, as it was such a busy day. first off though, in regards to how things are going, they are improving. we found a few new investigators and contacted 28 people last week. we have a lot of following up to do! and in regards to the area...it is actually quite small, so we are becoming more and more familiar with it as we go on, faster than we expected. the owner of the house we live in is having it worked on so that we can have the 2 bathrooms working, and that both can have hot water (yeop, we have been showering with cold water for the past few weeks, and its actually not too bad. i am used to it now.) anyway, its going great! we had a few good lessons with some investigators, found some new people, and hope to be able to teach them in a way that they can feel the spirit and accept the gospel. 

...ok so that pretty much sums up monday to friday, because on saturday, is when all the good stuff happened lol. for example, ALL the missionaries here in the city of chihuahua met at the offices/stake center  at 7:30 am because at 9:00am, guess who came to the mission? not one, But 2 General authorities! President Randall L. Ridd, 2nd counselor in the Young Mens general presidency, and also Paul B. Pieper, of the Seventy. They came and President Ridd spoke about havving real intent, and Elder Pieper spoke on how we have to help the Investigators make decisions for themselves, so that not only will they remain active, but also so that they will make it to the temple.Baptism is not the goal, rather it is a step to reach the real goal, which is exhaltation. My testimony on this point was strengthened, as I listened to them speak to us (in spanish!) and with conviction. 

right after that, we rushed over to the chapel to start filling up the font, because we were having a baptism that day! two investigators, Miriam (40s), and Sugey(soo-hay, 10) were gonna be baptized at 3, and so we had to make a lot of preparations. Just an fyi, i think i have come up with a theory: that the more valuable something is, the more difficult it is to achieve. but it is possible. baptisms are one of the most beautiful things here on the mission,. but are sometimes SOO stressful. haha it was all good though. it was a lot of preparation because Miriam has a daughter on the mission, serving in El Salvadort, and so in order for her own daughter to see her mom to get baptized, we had our mission president call her mission president, so see when she would be free so that we could skype her! it was so cool and it was a very tender and spiritual moment for everyone, as her daughter was able to see her mom and family, and how Miriam is now on the path to exhaltation. Sugey as well...and we are happy for her too because her dad is less active (and is actually tihe one working on our house right now), and sop we hope to continue to help their family too. her mom is not a member, so we will have to see what we can do there. afterwards there was cake, and im happy to say that i didnt get any haha...its ok. but all went well and they were confirmed yesterday! 

Im so happy to be out here, through the good times and bad, to be able to serve the lord, and to have a great companion who always is lookin out for me. Im grateful for this gospel and i know that it is the one thing that will bless our lives more than anything else. i love you all and have a great week! 



**Elder Newman**

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