Monday, August 11, 2014

JASON-August 11, 2014

...Well that was hard...but rewarding! 

Hello everyone! Man, that had to have been the hardest week in my whole mission so far. I dont even know where to start...i guess with the transfers; So As you all read, I had transfers last week, and so saying goodbye to Elder Goldsbery was hard, but its like my trainer Elder Womack Said: "Si no hay cambios, no hay progreso" (if there arent changes, there is no progress.)  So we headed over to the offices, and there is a stake center right next to the offices, and so we are all sitting in the stake center, about 80 of us, and they are announcing the transfers. They said that my new companion was: ELDER JUAREZ! hes from my generation! (meaning we arrived here in the mission the same day). and we were both in eachothers first district! So i was happy...always so happy to hear who your companion is, and if you know him theres that sigh of relief. 

But heres the catch: im still in the same ward, just in a different area. (so i still see elder GOldsberry a ton :)  Haha, here we go: so there were 2 elders in this area in our ward, the zone leaders, and one of them took the assistants place, and that assistant came here with the other zone leader. but, the zone leaders went to open another area in the zone and so they put Elder Newman and Elder Juarez in that area that they were in. And lets just say...they arent really helping us at all, noone has touched the area book in like 4 months, and so we are basically opening up a new area. Its hard to explain all the details, but it was definitely so hard this week. 

But im so grateful because in this last week i have really learned how to take initiative, and how to be grateful. I love President Dieter F. Uchtdorfs talk, "Grateful in any circumstance", and have read it every day this last week. I love how in it he says " how often do we wait for the rainbow before thanking God that there is rain" or something like that. And it was just good to be able to read how i can make the best out of the situation weve been given. He explains that while we should be thankful for the things that we have, he also suggests an overall attitude of gratitude, so that we can be grateful in any and every circumstance. 

We are learning a lot in this new area, and we actually already had a baptism! got a little bit of harvesting to so here, as we continue to plant more seeds. Even though we just got here, you bet i consider each and every one of these people who will get baptized as my/our investigators, because i love each and every one of them. Especially armando, the one who got baptized and Confirmed this weekend. he is so funny. Im glad we were able to help him get to baptism, and we actually are hoping to have his sister baptized this saturday. We just got them married, and so she is now ready to head for the font! 

This area has great potential, and Elder Juarez and I are just learning to be grateful and to work with what we have. 

I love you all and the message this week: You can CHOOSE to be grateful: in any circumstance! 

all my love, 



**Elder Newman**

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