Saturday, August 9, 2014


Hola de el CCM!!Hi from the MTC!! 
Currently, I am really tired! haha but the MTC is great! I have arrived safe and sound and things are going great! I love my district. The Elders are so funny. 
So I think Jason, Elder Newman, mentioned this when I first heard from him in the MTC but he was saying that once you enter, things happen so fast and very quickly. Literally its just bam, bam, bam. One thing happens after the other. After I was dropped off, my host helped me with my luggage and stopped right in front of the doors and she told me to walk right in and I would see the New Missionaries sign and while I went inside she would take my luggage around to the other side. Sure enough when I got in, I was walking behind two Elders and the sister who was guiding us looked past them and straight at me and said Hi Sister :) I couldn't help beaming and grinning practically from ear to ear. I went inside and got my little envelope and I knew my name tag was inside. I held it close and waited to see who would help me next. I then proceeded to have a sister ask if I'd been set apart and she pinned it on my shirt. I couldn't believe it. I was trying to hold back tears it just felt indescribable. I had my missionary tag and it felt unreal. I still can't believe it I didn't think I would have to get used to it lol. After that I met my host again and we went to get my books. Again, she said she would take my luggage around the building and would wait for me outside. I got my sack of books (which there are so MANY!) and met her outside. I felt so bad because as I approached her she said slightly panting, trying to hide it, "Okay. Here you go. Now all you do is get on the bus and it will take you to the other campus." I got on the bus and sat towards the front and then waited for just a few minutes and then we left to travel to the CCM! The spanish MTC. I love it here. Especially when the Elders walk by and say, "Hola Hermanas". I mean everyone, all the missionaries say "Hola" and I just think it's so cool we all are here to not only learn how to be full-time missionaries and teach people the gospel, but ALL of us are learning Spanish! It's even fun to say back to the Elders, "Hola Elderes!" haha it's fun. Everyone says the same. 
One thing is for sure, the MTC doesn't waste any time. We had our first exposure to what it's like being a missionary on the first night. We listened to three investigators and we were instructed to listen and feel what they needed and then ask the right questions to talk to them. Then the next day we had class and our teacher immediately started talking to us in Spanish ONLY! No ingles. No English at all. And surprisingly, I understood a lot of what he was saying. Spanish is coming to me much easier than I expected and my district has already said they think I'm the best haha The teachers even contemplated saying I should be in the intermediate class but I'm glad I'm staying in beginner because honestly, it's still difficult either way but it's all good. I just feel special my district is always saying, "Hermana Newman, how do you say this?" When we even met with the branch Presidency they were pointing fingers towards me when asked who is doing really well. It's just amazing how much I am able to recall, I love it. 
We have had so much class it's crazy. Yesterday alone we had class and study time for 8 and a half hours! Not consecutively of course but still. It's a lot. I know now why they say, just get through the first Sunday lol So far I have already learned how to say my testimony and prayers in Spanish and we had our first lesson yesterday ALL in Spanish!!! It was very difficult. Hermana Bloomfield and I (my companion) didn't do so good. We were so nervous we kept forgetting what we wanted to say! We have sat down in companionship study though, and set some goals of how we can do better for Monday. Yeah can you believe it, we teach again on Monday. Aahh! haha they don't mess around here. Time is precious and I can see why.. speaking of which, I only have a few minutes left so I need to write the Branch President. If I missed anything I'll just have to write it down for next week! Wish me luck!
Muchisimas Gracias,
Hermana Newman

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