Monday, August 25, 2014


We went to Parral!

Hey everyone! 

this email may be a little short, but i hope it gets the message across well enough. anyway, I think its interesting how the highlits of the week always seem to be on saturdays. for example, this last saturday, the ward mission choir was invited to sing for the District conference in another city called Parral. It was a blast. a little different than the normal 6:30 am routine, because we had to wake up at4:30am on sunday, in order to be at the offices and on the bus at 5:15, in order to be on the road by 6. I love bus rides!! I had a great time talking with friends, and sitting next to my dad, Elder Womack. Lots of respect for that man! anyway, we got to Parral at about 9:15, and the District conference started at 10. Apart from singing in the meeting, i felt the spirit really strong in this meeting, and just had a lot of good impressions come to my mind. for example: 

"For me, serving a mission was never a decision, I was destined & foreordained to serve the lord"

"Christ faced Pharisees & unbelievers, We have faced Jehovas witnesses, Misioneros de Guadalupe, Adventistas, Baptists, Catholics, and peopple of many other faiths"

"Christ had to suffer and pay the price for his Salvation and Exhaltation. In order for me to truly become a disciple of Jesus Christ, I feel that I, too, must do the same" 

"Though suffering and sorrow seem constant, it doesnt compare to the infinite joy of Salvation and Exhaltation. Trials are temporary, but blessings are eternal"

This mission, and especially this area, have really opened up my eyes, and I can now see myself on the path of Discipleship. Im grateful for all the blessings that the Lord has poured into my life, and I know that he does the same for each and every one of you, when we are obedient. "Obedience brings blessings, Exact obedience brings miracles". i have heard this quote many times and dont know who the original author is, but i love it and i testify that it is true. We are hopwfuly gonna have a stake by the end of the year down ther in paral, and as a result will be splitting the one parral zone into 2 zones. the field is white, already to harvest!! 

I lvoe you all and thank you all for your support. Hurrah for Israel! 




**Elder Newman**

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