Saturday, August 23, 2014


Helloooo! I am still getting used to figuring out how to adjust my email time so I'm not sure how "long" or "short" this email is going to be but this week definitely had it's ups and downs! Monday was probably the best day because not only did I turn 22 but it was just such a great day!!! I received a package from my Dad and Josh AND I received a package from my Mom and Alan. So two awesome packages in one day!! What a treat, literally! I received a Baker's Dozen of pink frosted cupcakes from my mom and Alan's package amongst other little things and from my dad and Josh they sent through Dear Elder, (so cool by the way how it works) candies and a bag of Tostito's Chips with queso dip and it was SO good. My companion and other Hermana roommates have been wanting snacks so I was surprised it lasted for 4 days haha 

Also on my birthday, I got sung to probably four different times and they weren't all the same version of "Happy Birthday" in Spanish lol but it was great and I had to speak in Spanish for the last few hours of my birthday because my teacher said we were going to play a game called "El Nativo". It means "The Native". He chose a name a random from a bag and then with our heads down he tapped a person to let them know they were the native. Now, the object of the game was to find out who they think is the Native and the Native was someone who had to speak Spanish for 24 hours.. until4pm the next day. Now the thing is you get points if people think you are the native whether you really are or not so the point was to have everyone speak Spanish so they would get the most votes to make people think they are the Native. Haha it was sooooo HARD! Muy difícil lol very difficult but it was so much fun, we did pretty good too. 

Tuesday I got my Visa! Well not in hand, I will when I leave the MTC but I traveled up to Salt Lake and made an appearance to be approved so wahoo!

Thursday was a little bit of a rough day. I felt so discouraged and for some reason it just hit me and my district collectively: this is hard. There we tears shed and we felt frustrated that what we wanted to say we weren't able to because we don't know Spanish and I don't know about everyone else but I just felt the adversary so strong. Know that I am doing okay but I knew that I would feel like this at some point or another. I am so grateful for faith and having to trust in the Lord and in Heavenly Father that all will be okay. We just can't stop progression and we just need to keep going. A mission is hard but at the same time it can be really fun! I was so excited for our lesson yesterday! We are getting better. My companion and I taught together and bounced off of what the other said and we asked lots of questions with the progressing investigator instead of us just talking to them, we were talking WITH them and it felt good. I can't wait till we know more vocabulary so we can convey our thoughts better. 

Well I got to go! A few minutes over, yikes! lol I hope to hear from you all and just remember that we receive no witness until AFTER the trial of our faith. I have been reminded of that a lot lately. :)

Ether 12:6 I think it is :)

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