Monday, August 4, 2014

Two new spanish words: higado y anginas :) (liver and tonsils)

whoa what a week! first and foremost, we hardly worked this week, because i got sick. on tuesday, i woke up with a sore throat, but it wasnt like a regular sore throat. i didnt have a cough but it was just straight up pain that i felt anytime I swallowed anything. so then we went to the doctor on wednesday, and sure enough, i out of nowhere got a throat infection, and so they gave me antibiotics. My tonsils (anginas in spanish) also swelled up a bit inside my neck; i was scared i might have to get them removed out here on the mission (so doing that When i return). they didnt seem to be helping though, so then we went to the hospital (just another doctor, i wasnt hospitalized or anything), and they told me the same thing, only gave me more medicine as well as a shot in the backyard =P  so we rested all week, and it was just hard because i didnt feel sick, just that my throat was bad so i couldnt be in the sun. Elder Goldsberry gave me a blessing, and thankfully...

...Im doing ok! im back to normal health now. really it was just a weird thing that happened. but i definitely did learn something last week; that no matter what, patience is required at all times, and if anything, We cant be humble without first being patient. if not with others, at least first with ourselves, and we need to recognize that this journey to becoming like Christ wont be easy and we will fall a lot, but we have to be patient with ourselves, as well with others. i didnt know why i got sick, for there was absolutely no reason for that to happen. but, it did, and i knew i had a choice: that i could either be mad for no reason, or make the most of the situation, trust in the lord, and wait for it to pass. Im glad i was able to learn this valuable lesson this past week. 

Anyway, I remember that last week we ate at a members house, and guess what she served us? ready for this-cool food story: I ate cow liver!! (Higado in spanish) it wasnt bad actually, and it was pretty chewy! haha we had chile too and the enchiladas was coated in it, and this was when my throat started to hurt and so it destroyed me lol...gotta love the mission. 

So, very sad, yet exciting, but last night we got the transfers call, and they told me that i have transfers. I still dont know where im going, or who is going to be my companion, but i know that whatever happens, all will be well. This week is a bit shorter, because as previously mentioned, we didnt work hardly at all, but i am excited to continue on with the adventure of the mission. take care, all of you, and know that I love you all!!!




**Elder Newman**

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