Monday, September 15, 2014


Goodbye Elder Warner...

¡buen dia a todos! 

wahoo! i completed 10 months in the mission last saturday!

aw man! sure enough, Elder warner has transfers. we had the best time, though! He has helped me a lot and I will miss him. Im pretty nervous, because I only have 2 weekds here in our area (the CITY of camargo), but it was cool cause Elder Warner reminded me of something. he said "that probably means that president trusts you a lot because you only have 2 weeks in the area". so we will have to see how it goes. Dont know my new companion, and dont know if ill move up in the ranks or what. 

We had a good little week though! we worked so hard to talk to all the investigators we have, and had some marvelous lessons. In particular, I think the lesson with Elsa was the most powerful. we didnt even put her in our plans, but Elder Warner had the impression to just go a different direction and to go see if Elsa was home (she is a former investigator, meaning for various reasons, the missionaries stopped visiting her cause she wasnt progressing). but sure enough, she was home! Elsa is about 50 and apart from her daughter occasionally visiting her, she lives alone. She is very smart and now, more than ever, is so "hungry" to know what it is exactly that God wants for her. With the passing of her dad, she is desperate to know. So we had a long lesson on the plan of salvation, and the spirit was so strong. It will be a bit of a journey for her, but we hope to help her reach the point of baptism. Im grateful for Heavenly Father and for how he guided us to her house that day. 

just one of many experiences we get to have on the mission. Also, I finished reading the book of mormon this morning (first time in spanish!), and I feel so much happier. I am reflecting in my mind on its teachings, and though i have a testimony of it, i am following Moroni´s counsel and am pondering and meditating. Im grateful for the Book of Mornmon and how it has been such a blessing for me, as well as the bible and other books of scripture we have. 

Not too much to write this week...mainly because we are anticipating the transfers with elder warner and such, but all is well here in the mission, and I am loving every minute of it. thank you ALL ffor your support! 




**Elder Newman**

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