Monday, September 8, 2014


Challenge accepted!


where to begin!? this week has been very fun and different. I am now in a new area, and its not in the city of Chihuahua anymore. yep, thats right-i finally left the city! I will miss it, and always love the city of Chihuahua, but im at a different point in my mission now. I am now serving in a city called Camargo. it is about 2 hours south of the City of Chihuahua, and Our area is the entire city!!!! whoa! we are the only misionaries out here in the entire city, and the next closest city is called Saucillo (sau-see-oh), which is about 45 minutes away. We feel like we are on a little island! Its a city of about 57,000 people, so its not terribly big, but the past there were 6 missionaries here and now theres only 2, so...lots of work to do!

My new companion is Elder Warner! he is so hilarious, and Im surprised at how easy it has been to transfer areas, and not feel sadness or nervousness or anything, but i can credit a lot of that to Elder Warner. He always keeps me laughing and smiling, and we always talk! He is from Holladay too, just like Elder Goldsberry (2 companions ago), and he completed a year in the mission a few days ago! i cant believe im close to that, the time flies by! He has been here for 6 months or so, and theres only this next week left in the cycle before there are transfers, and he thinks that hes gonna have transfers (6 months in an area isnt very common), but i want him to stay for another cycle, so he can teach me the area. Its just really hard to learn our area in 2 weeks, seeing as how its a whole city. But i know that if he does get transferred next week, it will be for the best, and i might even train! haha idk. we will see...

The ward is...a little different. it should be a branch, because there really arent too many full time tithe payers/melchizedec priesthood holders, but the stake doesnt want to go down to a district, so they are still calling it a ward. The members that I have met so far are really nice, but Elder Warner says that there are a lot of complications in the ward. I just know that I am excited to have a change and to just work the best that I can out here. But to give you an idea, Elder warner and I participated in half the ordinances/program at church yesterday. We helped pass the sacrament, Bore our testimonies, Helped teach the priesthood class by giving a few blessings with Consecrated oil, and my favorite thing, we each gave a baby a name and a blessing. 

That was something I never thought id be able to do until i was a father with my own child, but that was one of the most tender experiences that I have had on the mission. The Bishop asked us to each bless a baby, and I had only heard the wording and terms used in english, but sure enough, I took the baby from the mom, held it in my arms, and elder warner and I gave her her name and a blessing (the mom already picked the name out.) I dont remember the name, but I will find out and write it next week. But really, the spirit was so strong and I look forward to the day where I will bew able to do that for my own children in the future. Im thankful for the Priesthood and for the fact that God has entrusted his Sons with the authority to exercise this power for the salvation of the Children of God. 

Our investigators are sweet! we only had one come to church yesterday, Delfina, but i am excited to teach them all! Some of them are Delfina, Memo (hes my favorite-so funny!), Erika and Adrian, Marlene, and Cinthia. Elder Warner has been with all of them since the beggining of their time with the missionaries, and so there is a pretty good relationship with all our investigators, all thats left is to help them enter the waters of baptism!  

Well, i will save more for the next email, but know that im doing all right, but more importantly, I pray that all of you are ok and happy. I know that The Plan that Heavenly Father has for us is real, and that He lives and Loves us very much. take care, and until next week! love you all!!



**Elder Newman**

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