Sunday, September 7, 2014


~Short and sweet~

Hey friends! 

So I don't have time to write a long letter this week if much at all since I spent time reading emails from mis padres (my parents) but I just wanted to write a few things.. Mainly, we got our travel plans!!! We leave at 2:30 to go to the airport and catch our flight at 6 AM! Then we have a layover in Texas and connect to travel to Mexico! Only 8 more days in the CCM what the? It's been exactly one month which means only 17 more! No lo creo.. I can't believe it. It's kind of surreal to me that we hardly have any time left here. 

Remember in my last email I talked about Maribel? Well I included a picture this time because we got one with her. We love her and she is such a hilarious woman! She reminds me of one of my mom's cousins.. she feels like family lol Also I am including a picture of our district and remember like one of the first few emails I sent I described one of the Elders in our group? His name is Elder Ross, he is the hilarious one and as he said, humbly of course, "So I'm like the glue that sticks us together!?" Well you'll see him in the second one too, such a goof lol

Well like I said I couldn't write much but a few random things and mainly the exciting thing that happened this week was getting our travel plans yesterday! My favorite line in our itinerary is, "Your mission has been notified of your arrival information and will be waiting to receive you." Ahh! Keep smiling! If anything I've learned this week it is despite the struggle(s) stay strong and just have faith! And pray. And listen. Thanks for reading! Have a great week.  

~Hermana Newman

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