Monday, September 22, 2014


Buenos Tardes de Cozumel!

Hey again!

 I am loving it here! I was so scared and nervous the first few days but now I am settling in. I think I felt for lack of a better description, claustrophobic. I felt like I was in a box... I had no sense of direction, the streets are confusing as are the addresses, I didn't like sweating ALL THE TIME, and I hated the fact that I could barely communicate. Nothing was familiar, everything is just different and I wanted familiarity. I knew it was going to be different but it definitely took some getting used to. 

Everyone here is so respectful and humble. They don't have much at all and I was previously expecting to be in houses made of cement but once again it's different actually experiencing it. Some of the homes here are literally one BIG room and everything is in it, the bed, their clothes, the kitchen, their books and toys for the kids, and their tv all together. Everything has its place but for most homes, nothing is partitioned off. Some of the members homes we have eaten at do have more than one room but some don't. It amazes me how the people are humble and live with so little. And most of it is probably because they know no other way to live. 

My trainer is so great. She is such a sweetheart and I don't know how, a miracle, but somehow, I feel so much more comfortable with Spanish, I can understand more and more everyday. I am gaining more confidence in talking to people all in the streets and Hermana Andersen is a wonderful companion. She has just the right amount of balance in being a lider no leader haha sorry it's happening: My Spanish and English are mixing even more! But as I was saying, Hermana Andersen has just the right balance of being a leader and friend. She pushes me when I need it but helps me too. I don't know how she does it. She is a natural at being kind and a friend but being firm and guiding me when she needs to be. I think it's because it's a part of her to be both.

Well I would say more but again I have run out of time. I will also try again next week to attach some pictures, I have lots! Thank you all and I hope you have a great week!

Hermana Newman

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