Monday, April 6, 2015

Jason April 6, 2015

Happy easter everyone!!

what a great weekend everyone! I am grateful that this weekend, and in particular yesterday, we were all able to celebrate the resurrection of Jesús Christ, our Lord and Savior. I am so grateful that through him, all things are posible, and that because he rose again on the third day, we too shall rise again, and will be able to live forever. the catch is that we live his restored góspel in this mortal life, so that we can live forever with him and our families in the Celestial Kingdom.

This week was a Little similar to the last, in the sense that at forst we didnt get much time to be in our área, because we were in a trio, ELder Johnson and I, with one of our Zone Leaders, Elder Gallup, for a few days. so we were going back and forth from área to área, and so it was stressful because i was just worried all week about who was gonna come to conference. Which, for the record, was so refreshing, literally and spiritually, to be able to listen to in english, what a blessing. Anyway, so by friday, we were finally able to work in our área and  did the best we could with getting our investigators to committ out of desire to learn, instead of commiting to us, and bow did we see miracles. but more of that in a sec.

Ok, so monday thru wednesday, you know that we were in a trio and had a busy Schedule. but, on thursday, we got to relax a bit as we had a MISSION PARTY!! literally, our zone, the other zone in this city, and all the missionaries from the Sierra (mountain range in the state of Chihuahua), got together, along with the misión president, his counselors and secretaries and all their families. we had a great time! the main reason of why was because we worked super hard, and as a misión we achieved 230 confirmations this past month of march. The Lord is hastening his work! we played soccer, had a sweet Parrillada (grilled party), and had a great time overall.

then friday was the biggest day of work. we went with all the investigators that had been before, as many as we could, and our new family that we found last week. it was a battle, but a lot of people committed! we had a good lesson with The Familia Loya (see pictures), where we all watched the Joseph Smith movie. they have so many questions, but its good to have questions because then we know what we need to teach them. they committed to go too, ALL the members of the family (because before only the mom and daughter came).

and then it came. Saturday and sunday -- General Conference!! I was excited to be able to have it in spanish, but also i was so nervous for the investigators. In total, we had 11 investigators come to the conference, and they all loved it: Elman, Sobeida, Jamie, Maria Angelina, Isabel, Karen, Ramon, Adela, Daisy, Ramon jr. , and Lizeth. I am so grateful for the blessing and miracle we had to see them all come, and though there were technical difficulties, i was glad they were at least in the chapel, so that they could feel the spirit. i hope they progress so badly. I desire the eternal salvation of these people.

SO, we keep on keepin on here in the Misión Mexico Chihuahua. I am anxious too to find a lot of new people, as we dropped half the investigators on our lists to really narrow it down to the ones who are the most prepared. I love you all and am grateful for your support. Always.



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