Monday, April 20, 2015

Jason April 20, 2015

2 confirmations and 2 new Zone leaders!!

Hoooolaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!! how is everyone!? we are doing well here in cuauhtemoc - happy and healthy! We had such a better week this week, and are going to continue to work extremely hard for next month. as a misión, the goal for converts in the month of May is 350, which divides out to 45 per zone. To accomplish this goal, we are going to be working harder, praying and fasting, and better more effective study on following the spirit. there are already a lot of people who are ready for baptism, and so we are working hard getting ourselves ready for this next month. we had 6 people in church!!! always a blessing to have people in church, blessings of the which we are always counting.

on monday we recieved 2 new zone leaders! their names are Elder Matute (former assistant), and Elder Larsen (new zone Leader). we have already had a lot of fun this week together, and we all get along really well!

I got sick this week, by getting a suprise rash on my chest, but with going to the doctor and getting medicine, then having to rest for a day, all is going well again. Mom, dont freak out, im still alive :)

as you saw in the photos, 2 of the investigators we had got baptized and confirmed!!! woohooo! we worked so hard with them and literally had taught them everything, as in all the lessons. Isabel is the mom, and Karen is the Daughter. I knew she would get baptized, and am glad that i was still able to be here when it happened. you know, theres just an unexplainable feeling when you enter into that wáter with another human being. its a holy experience everytime. I am grateful for the Priesthood, which God has given to me to use to save souls.

The work is going great here in the Mission. I know and am able to learn every single day that this work is so important, and that Christ is coming a lot sooner than we think. I know that the ONLY path that can prepare us fully to be ready for when he comes is that of the Doctrine of Christ (see 2 nephi 31:21). I am grateful to be here on the misión, and am happy to know that the Church has been restored. this is a talk that has helped me so much recently, and i know it will help all of us to be that much more on the path of discipleship.

I love you all and am always grateful for your support. Have a happy week and kep on keepin on in the journey to become perfect in Christ. take care!!




*Elder Newman*


November 2013 - 2015

Alma 26:12

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