Monday, March 24, 2014

The Church is true and the book is blue.

We had 2 baptisms this week! KA-CHING!!!! Erasmo and Kevin. a father sand son, they are so cool and we are so happy for them. we even got to do the ordinance for them, and it was a very spiritual experience. 

also, we got to have a meeting with our president and we learned how to teach a little bit better. it all has to start with the nature of god, and once people understand this, it will be easier for them to accept the gospel. so we are working very hard to help all of our lamanite brothers and sisters out here to see just how much our Heavenly Father loves them very much. 

Also, we had 3 investigators in the chapel and 3 less active families! I love this ward and i will be so sad to leave it when i do...but, i hope thats not any time soon. oh and heres something cool-we will be getting 4 more missionaries, so 2 more companionships in the ward so there will be a whopping 12 missionaries in the ward!!!!!!! for that reason, they called a 3rd ward mission leader, and we also split up our areas a bit. We even looked for a new house to rent for us so that we could actually live in our area but it might not be available for a month or so...

I just cant express how happy i am being out here serving the Lord. One of my favorite things to is studying like i never have before. the scriptures are the best, and they literally tell us everything! 2 nephi chapter 29 was my favorite this just proves how real and how valid/valuable the book of mormon really is. I know we have the Pearl of great price, but I think we can all agree that the Book of Mormon really is the pearl-shoot, the diamond for that matter, of everything. It is the "most correct of any book on earth, and that a man would get nearer to God by abiding by its precepts" (joseph smith, intro to the Book of Mormon). I take great joy in trying to know My heavenly Father and Jesus Christ better, and I know the Book of Mormon is what helps me the most in doing that. 

I pray that all is well with everyone and that we can all continue to have faith and keep going through the hard times! Hurrah for Israel! 




**Elder Newman**

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