Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St Patricks Day

Another one of those remedial holidays that doesnt exist here :)

mis Queridos hermanos y hermanas, i love you all and wish you all the best in your lives right now. I had a really good week and am in love with this area, the ward, the district/zone, and just everything here! i really hope i dont, but im pretty sure i might change next exchanges. this area is and always will be my favorite though. 

With the Work, we found a few new families and are so excited for our investigators Erasmo and Kevin, his son, who are getting baptized the 21st (this friday!). also, this weekend we had divisions. Elder Hernandez came to my area to see how things are and everything and he is from mexico city and doesnt speak english, so it was  fun to teach him a bit. thats something i love especially is the prople here that I get to work with, and teach. and i mean, how awesome is it that the Lord has blessed me with a tongue loose enough to communicate with his Lamanite Children. I love it here and i am so grateful for this call, cause this mission is perfect for me. 

Its getting warmer here, but man was it freezing sunday morning! it was seriously like 35 here...haha weird. just wanted to mention it because it made me feel at home what with the cold weather and all there in utah :)

Also, Pedro. Pedro  found US about a month ago, and weve been really trying to bass by as much as we can, but its hard cause he is busy a lot. but he is our 21 yr old investigator that speaks english, so thanks to my mom sending me one, we gave him an english book of mormon. he has only read a little bit but we hope to get him to the font soon! haha, of course not when we want, but when the Lord wants. its His House, so we do things His way. 

also, we have each sunday started to have training classes for all the ward leaders, and for the ward missionaries, to help them better magnify their callings. 4 missionaries teach the leaders, and the other 4 (including me and E Womack) teach the ward missionaries. its a lot of fun and the Lord is very much hastening his work through many various means. Oh, and can I just say we have the BEST ward mission leader!? we is so amazing and dedicated, and is extremely helpful. picture next week. 

I hope you all like the pictures and once again, am, so grateful for all your support. i hope we can all have a good week, and I know that when we live the Plan that our Heavenly Father has set for us, that when we make the Gospel of Jesus Christ a way of life, it is only then that we can experience the type of happiness and joy that our Father in Heaven wants for us to experience: eternal. There really IS a way to make it back to him, and it is only found in the Lords church: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I love this Gospel! 

Take care and have a good week, everyone! 



**Elder Newman**

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