Monday, February 17, 2014

Week 12 - Drums anyone?

Oh man, this week was sweet.

From monday to sunday evening, $ other missionaries and I traveled to another city, Cuauhtemoc (coo-aww-tem-awk) to participate in something that we never thought we would get to do as missionaries. The Zone there was having an activity where they were able to rent an auditorium for 3 days for free, and in this 3 day event would include music and a movie, from about 6 t0 9 for anyone who wanted to come, absolutely free. the music part? well thats where we came in. we all knew how to sing well, and of the 5 of us, 4 of us could play instruments. There was a piano for Hermana Smith, who is like a demi god at the piano, Hermana Jones brought her violin, Elder Mendoza is amazing at the acoustic guitar, and  through a lot of help from members and Elder Tovar, the Zone leader of Cuauhtemoc who worked so hard to put this al together, we were able to find me my specialty...a drum set. 

it was huge...we were able to get on the radio station to announce it and talk about the church for 15 min or so ( i didnt do that one personally), and we were able to be on TV as the local news station filmed us singing and displaying a little sneak peek of what this event would be like. all the members who owned shops or businesses had the posters advertising it on the windows of theeir shops and such, and we even heard from Elder Tovar that the Governor of Chihuahua wants us to do it in other places in the state of Chihuahua. for that reason, we already have plans to do it again in a few weeks and then i think again after that. 

I mean, i never thought this would happen, and although it was only for 4 of the 11 songs we played, i got to play the DRUMS!!!!! it was an awesome experience! not just the drums part, but the entire week in general! i also became a lot closer to all the missionaries that i spent time with, and the best part of this whole thing was the spirit that we got to feel and how we helped about 450-500 people feel it too, and for 3 days in a row! 

This is impossible to forget. i mean it was just too cool. however, by all means i am ready to get back to work though here in our area. 

happy valentines day to all, and know that I love you all and am glad to have you all in my life! 



**Elder Newman**

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