Monday, February 3, 2014

Week 10 - Testigos de Jehova :/ (Jehovas Witnesses)

Hola mis amigos!

this week was the best!!! so many different things happened, and the best part was how we had 4 investigators at church yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anyway, i dont remember what happened on every single day, but i do have some experiences from some days that were particularly worth mentioning. 


All the missionaries in our zone and another zone went to the main stake center, the one right next to the mission office, for a big event with a member of the area presidency, Elder DeOllos (no idea how to spell that). It was a big thing for us...we all had to shine our shoes and get haircuts and what not. we talked a lot about how this missionary work is impossible to fulfill only with full time missionaries, but how rather the other half is with members, and how we need to work together to prepare the world for the 2nd coming of the Savior. I always love the meetings with the Mission President, because he always gets his turn to speak and oh man he is so cool and powerful in speaking that i get chills every time. 


i felt like i was dying. i dont know what it was but i got the flu so so bad for thursday night. my body was weak, i had no appetite, i could feel my heart beating in my brain...not good. and it was weird to because yes i took tons of meds, but the next morning i was fine enough to have the divisions. 


We had divisions/exchanges with two other elders in our district, Elders Hernandez and Gallup. Elder Hernandez came here to my area so that meant I had to go to his area and be with Elder Gallup. It wasnt my favorite all really, because the area was so desolate at some parts, and then other parts it was mexican suburbia:just lines and lines of houses! also it was difficult cause i had to carry my big heavy bag with all my clothes and such almost the whole time because we started the divisions at around 12:30 and then didnt go back to the house till like 5. it just made me really appreciate my area, but nevertheless we had an intersesting evxperience together....(continued on sat.)


This morning during our Companionship study at the house, i saw a family start to come to our door outside. elder Gallup looked and he yelled "TESTIGOS!!!!!" haha it was funny and i was so nervous yet pumped at the same time. we opened the door and im just smiling bigger than ever because it was just an awkward situation and funny cause e gallup was making me laugh. anyway, we were respectful, of course, but it was kind of an oxymoron: we, the missionaries, got our door knocked on, and had other "missionaries" come teach us! haha we talked in total for about 15 min and i finally get what they believe now, and in the most respectful way i can say, it just doesnt make sense. lets just say i am grateful for modern revelation, for the book of mormon, and oh man for the Doctrine and covenants, i LOVE the doctrine and covenants. 

we switched back companions and What do I come back to? :the potential of about 15 people coming to church, and 2 new families! I love elder womack...he is just the greatest. 


yesterday was my favorite. I was just lit up all day, because we had 4 investigators come, a less active, and 3 little girls who were part of the families we brought. aaah it was literally a heavenly day. we are so excited to teach all of them, and im happy they felt the spirit. I will tell more about them next week. 

also, later last night we went to visit an investigator who has a big desire to really know what the doctrine of christ is. We are teaching him and last night, Elder womack and I placed a baptismal date with him for the 8th of march. we are just hoping and praying that he will be able to attend church cause that is the only hard thing for him, because of his work schedule. but the spirit was so powerful and we just left the house with smiles and confidence. it was awesome! 

well, until next week my friends...take care and miss you all! 





**Elder Newman**

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  1. I remember the Testigos. It was always interesting talking to them. They know their stuff and if you go into a conversation with a know it all attitude, you are likely to get burned. It's Heavenly Father's way of humbling you. :)