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Jason June 1, 2015

Mercy: the spirit of compassion, tenderness, and forgivenes

Hello Everyone!!

Well, i got my new companion! His name is Elder Del Angel, and he has about 3 months in the mission. a newbie! haha, he is from Queretaro, which is a state in mexico right above mexico city. it hasnt been the easiest week of my almost 19 months (whoa, whered the time go?), but i know that the Lord will bless us as long as we are always obedient, and that goes for all of us reading this email. 

I am very ecited because we should be having a baptism this saturday, for one of our investigators, Monica. she seemed super excited too as we have helped her gain some really good friends at church, and in the young womens. we actually have the potential to baptize every weekend here in our area in june.  Some of the investigators who are preparing to be baptized this month are Monica, Jairo, Erendida, Raul, Janeth, and Lalo. they are all great and I have gained a huge love for them. Guys, this place has really changed my heart and the way I look at people. I mean, even this week was just a bit tough in regards to getting along with my companion, i realy felt an overall attitude of positivity and charity this week towards our investigators and the members. 

also, i think its kind of fun, that what i am doing is continuing to keep my journal, but i am gonna do it a bit differently. because there never seems to be time to write all my thioughts and feelings, and i can never seem to express myself in writing like i can in speaking, i am recording my voice with my camera and making i guess what you could say a "video journal". the idea is to record my voice, then over the next few years or however long it takes, i will go back and write down all the words from every video. thought it would be a good idea since i have been so bad with journal writing here. i am trying my best though, promise!

hmm, lets see...oh, and we also gave talks in church on sunday! the bishop asked me to speak on mercy. i learned quite a bit while studying the topic/principle of mercy. Mercy is the spirit of compassion, tenderness, and forgiveness towards another person. so for example i learned that there are two ways how there are two ways we can see mercy made manifest in our earthly lives. one is seeing the blessings of the atomement in our lives, and literally experiencing that compassion, tenderness, and forgiveness (of sins) from our savior, and I love that and am sure we have all experienced that kind of mercy. 

the other kind comes from US, showing mercy toward OTHERS. if we want to feel and see mercy in our lives, we first have to feel and show that compassion, tenderness, and especially forgiveness, towards all those around us. there are no grudges in the celestial kingdom! haha i really enjoyed, though, studying this principle, and am going to attach a great talk on mercy in all its forms. 

I love you all and will continue to be happy and love those who i am serving. I invite us all to do the same and to serve those around us with mercy, as the savior would. THAT is the way we can serve Jesus Christ himself, is by serving and being compassionate towards others. (matthew 25:40)

have a great week and I love you ALL! the work is so true, and will not end until the Great Jehovah shall say "the work is done". 




*Elder Newman*

Misión México Chihuahua

November 2013 -

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