Monday, June 8, 2015

Natalie June 1, 2015

There's a first time for everything lol

Dear friends and family,

How was this week for you? This week was great we have so many people to teach that are agenda is jam packed full! I hope they progress and learn to love the Gospel. I'm fine but I got a little sick yesterday. It was weird I think it was food poisoning but I'm not sure because I have never had it before. I didn't eat anything in the morning and could hardly eat a little piece of chicken and vegetable broth for lunch I felt so nauseous and couldn't keep anything down including water :/ After a Priesthood blessing and not eating anything, drinking just a little water every once in a while and rest, I think we should be good to go lol. 

This week I think some of the best moments were with two young girls of 15 and 17 who we found in the street and have taught them 3 times now I think? Well the younger sister Heydi is super excited about the Book of Mormon and they both have a baptismal date for July. They attended a baptism on Saturday and went to church with us yesterday. They both want to go to EFY Mexico in Chichenizta but Minelia can't because.. she's 6 months pregnant and we trying to work on helping Heydi go. Chichenitza is amazing and I encourage you to research a little about it! 

I don't have anymore time today, we have to travel to Cancun for a training meeting but I just wanted to say I love you all and encourage you to keep pressing forward with faith and a brightness of hope for the unknown future ahead. We NEED to rely on the Lord. Lots of love!

De Carrillo Puerto,

Hermana Newman 

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