Monday, June 15, 2015

Jason June 15, 2015

great week!

this week was a great week! 

ill start with tuesday. on tuesday, it was ELder Womack (my second companion)´s last day in the mission field, and so he got permission for me to go with him all day to visit our converts. we had a blast!!!!! (see photos)

um, what else...oh, so we found a new investigator who is hopefully gonna get baptized this saturday! her name is Reyna. shes the sister of a recent convert, and she had accepted the missionaries before and almost got baptized but never did. but, we invited her to be baptized and she accepted! she committed to coming too to sacrament meeting, and came! we dont have a TON of investigators, but of the ones we have, about 3 or 4 are preparing to be baptized this month. yay!

so the elders from another ward thought this whole time that a part of our area was theirs, so when we met eachother in the street, it was pretty funny, and they said thaey have like 10 investigators in that area. also, we recieved about 13 references, so that will give us a lot of work this week, those 23 people. 

sorry this letter is kind of short, but know that all is well, and moving along here in Lealtad. (the name of my area /ward -- it means loyalty in spanish). But i know that this great work of salvation is so real, and that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the only true church upon the face of the earth, which has the power and authority to seal families together forever here on earth, and the only gospel that will, if followed and lived, allow us to walk back into the presence of the Father, where we can live forever and in an eternity of happiness. I am honored that the Savior has called me to represent him and his church, and i love being happy here in the mission. p.s. just finished the book of alma and am now in helaman! 

thank you so much everyone for your support, and know that you ALL are in my prayers! have a great week!




*Elder Newman*

Misión México Chihuahua

November 2013 - 2015

Alma 26:12

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