Monday, October 27, 2014

Natalie October 27, 2014

Week 7

Hi everyone! So to be honest last week I was having a really hard time. I am really not sure how to describe what I was feeling other than the powers of Satan very strong. I don't like the adversity. It was really difficult for some reason to remember that satan has no power of me. I am so greatful I recieved a blessing from President and I have decided to just keep moving foreward and remember to have faith. Truly I am feeling much better.

 I read a talk that Hermana Andersen suggested from April General Conference entitled, If Ye Lack Wisdom. It was really good and I especially liked the scripture he shared from Alma 32 about not casting out the seed by your unbelief and letting it grow. I love that chapter of Alma yet I forgot about that part. I have been remembering to simply trust and have that faith. I was also very grateful that I was able to teach this to an investigator. She has doubts about the Book of Mormon and I shared this with her and a scripture my mom shared with me in Alma 17:10and 11 that says we need to be patient in our afflictions. 

The blessing I received from my mission President was so powerful and very strong. He gave me a task. I am so excited for my task because it is to read the Book of Mormon out loud and in Spanish! I don't know how I'm going to do it but I feel like I can. Something else I was thinking of from the first blessing he gave me, which was my first week here, he mentioned that for me, Cozumel would be my personal sacred grove. I thought that the meaning was just a nice, peaceful quiet place but after talking with him and Hermana Kirkham on Tuesday I realized that it had another meaning. And I was so grateful that the blessing said after I read the Book of Mormon out loud in Spanish, I will have developed a testimony so strong of the Book of Mormon that could never be shaken. I am so excited for this time in which to accomplish that and this past week I have been realizing what they mean when they say the teacher is really the learner because I am learning so much as I am trying to teach this people. 

Fun facts about this week was that I ate chicken feet. I ate a chicken's foot! And it was actually pretty good, kinda fatty but alright lol I wish I had a picture but my companion took it on her camera. Here I have included a picture of our "generation".. The missionaries that came the same time I did and their trainers. We are moving along here in Cozumel and I can't wait to see what lies ahead this next transfer (cambio). The message for this week I want to testify of is TENGAN FE! Have Faith. I know we will constantly be working on this every day and I now know just how important it is to read in the scriptures EVERY SINGLE DAY. We need to be exercising faith and that is one of the most important ways. Much love,

Hermana Newman


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