Monday, October 13, 2014

Jason October 13, 2014

Its always sunny here in camargo!

Hello friends!

we had another calm week here in Camargo. We are having many successes, and also many challenges, but through it all, the Lord is providing, as he always does, and we are loving being able to participate in His work! We are teaching various families, and have the possibility of a few baptisms this month and next month! it is pretty hard here, because we are the only 2 missionaries out here and we walk all day. But nevertheless, we are enjoying our missions and working always, finding new ways to find new investigators, etc. In fact, yesterday we again went to the plaza and were able to contact a few people (ill send pictures). Its always fun to put up a display, and be proud of who and what we represent. 

this weeks letter is going to be a bit short, because we are having lots of successes, but things are a little slow cause yesterday we had 0 iinvestigators at church. baptismal dates fell, but we are NOT giving up! so there will be more adventures next week. 

If anything, the main thing that happened this week that was my favorite was how Elder Perez helped me on one particular day, where i was feeling down, and lets just say he has such a big heart and always helps me through the hard times. He said a few things to me that really stuck out, like "take control of your mission", and shared the scripture joshua 1:5, 9.  I probably wouldnt survive out here if it wasnt for him. He is helping me to become more humble and I love him. 

all is well out here in Camargo. I am really having great experiences, and if all seems like its going bad, i know that I have Elder Perez out here with me, as well as the Lord. I love you all and am forevermore grateful for your support. have a great week everyone, and know that we all, as Heavenly Fathers children, are so loved!! 




**Elder Newman**

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