Monday, October 6, 2014

Natalie October 6, 2014

Two months today!!

Wow today marks two months since I've already been a missionary. Crazy how time flies. So for this short letter I wanted to just share a few things about Mexico!

The first is that never do you say hola or hello first it's always Buenas tardes or Buenas Dias or buenas noches depending on the day. Thought that was interesting!

We watched conference this weekend all in Spanish! :( really hard to understand but I got a few good thoughts and Tuesday we are going to print off some talks!

Other random thoughts:

-it takes us 45 minutes to walk to the church... never have had to experience that before


-The hammock took some getting used to but it really helps when it's hot and you don't sleep in it the long way like you would think it's the other way so weird lol

-There are taxis here! It costs 25 pesos which is really about 2.50 in American dollars but the pesos thing still throws me off haha just today I saw a tv in the store for 7,500 which is like 750 american dollars haha

-We have tortillas with every lunch meal 

-I have spoken to so many people!!! 92 the first week, 71, then 74 and that's just who we say the name of the church to.

-Oh and this week in our house we had two huge cockroaches. yay! (gross)

Haha sorry again I have to log off but I hope you all have fun!

Love all around,

Hermana Newman

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