Monday, October 6, 2014

Jason October 6 ,2014

¡amo La Conferencia General!

hello everyone! sorry if its a little short this week!

this week was probably one of the fastest weeks that went by. we didnt work in our area too too much this week, because we had to go to another city 2 days in a row, but we still were able to find 4 new investigators, and had a great experience at conference. For general conference, it was different, because here in camargo, being the only white kid for miles, i joined in with my latin american brothers and sisters and listened to it in spanish. It was different, but truth is still truth, and it doesnt matter in what language we recieve it. My favorite talk was by Quentin L. Cook in the priesthood session. he spoke on making our daily choices be the kind that will help us achieve our future goals. It helped me alot, and I am continuing to be edified everyday by the messages we recieved from conference, My companion, and the everyday experiences we have here in our little city. 

Everything continues the same: work, work, and more work! it Is crazy to think that in a week, I will have 11 months, almost a year, and in 19 days, i will be 20. Life is changing speedily, and I know that the Gospel is something that has been helping me to adjust with all these changes. Being here on the mission, i think the biggest leson ive learned so far is the magnitude and importance of the Plan of Salvation. My eyes have realy been opened up to the eternal perspective, meaning that this life isnt everything, for we truly lived with God before coming here to earth, and the time here on earth is so short in comparison to an eternity. may we all continue to live in such a way that will allow us to become the person that God has intended for us to become! 

I love you all, and pray for you always, 



**Elder Newman**

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