Monday, October 13, 2014

Natalie October 13, 2014

Wow it has been so crazy here! Hermana Andersen and I have been working Hard. We felt a little discouraged after conference weekend because we felt like all of our effort wer all for nothing :/ Hardly any of our investigators came. I think one less active member came or two investiagtors but that was it. And we told so many people, wrote so many reminders and made the initiative to put the post its on ther fridge and yet, the people who said they would definitely come and who we really thought was going to never did. but oh well thats how it goes. So this week we had 2 investigators come to church!! We have been w3orking with a family of 2 investigators and their baby girl. The father Omar and the daughter Suemy (9) went to church! Hermana Elide, the mother, said that she would LOVE to come but can't because of her job. She works every Sunday. Well she didn't get to come but we asked if she wanted to be baptizedbut before I could even finish the question she said yes shaking her head as if saying, of course! I was so happy! The only porblem is to be baptized they want the investigator to attend church at least 5 times and she saidwanting to look for a new job anyway. the hours are long for how little she gets. And the other problem is that they aren't married. So she would have to wait for that to happen too. Sooo I don't know when that would happen when they are going to get baptized but we're working with them and I think we want to ask him again because he, the father Omar, has really been progressing. He has finally prayed and really felt the spirit. We have the same difficulty with 2 other investigators.. they aren't married but we working on it!! Anyway just a little of what we're doing! I have to go.. good luck this week! Bye!

Hermana Newman

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