Monday, October 27, 2014

Jason October 27, 2014

Wow, what a crazy week!

we had a blast this week getting excited for saturday, which was our birthday and a baptism we had. more about that in just a sec. First, just want to testify to all of you that We have a Father in Heaven who lives and loves us, and is always watching over us, giving us countless blessings and miracles and what not. We saw a lot happen this last week, and I feel that it was our best week yet in the whole campanionship...

...and not the last, because we did NOT have transfers! 6 more weeks in Camargo and w/ Elder Perez! woohoo! apparently, only one missionary in our whole zone had transfers, Elder Woods, who is in our district. what can i say, it has just been so busy here in the mission life. we have been working with various investigatorsw, who are progressing, and though its hard to come to church sometimes, we continue to feel a powerful love for these people. Mario and Karen both have baptismal dates for this month, and we hope to put one with pedro, another one of our younger investigators. 

Ok, our birthday was the best!!!!! we are just constantly blown away at the fact that this very well could be the only birthday in our entire lives that was spent with someone who has the same birthday as us, and who has the same age! (elder Perez and I), and who wouldve thought that it would be here in the mission, and that let alone us 2 would be companions! coincedence or revelation? ... it was a great day, as we had ward council in the morning, and went home after. before we went home though, we first went to the gas station to buy milk because we ran out, and it turns out our credit cards were declined, and we didnt have cash. we thought "oh, thats weird", so we just went back home....only to have Hermano Del Real (a member) knock on our door to give us a cake, and each a birthday card, and whaddaya know? a little liter jug of milk :) haha MIRACLE! it was pretty great. after that we went to teach Marlene, and we still love her, even though she still hasnt made it to church :( its all good. then we went to the chapel to filll up the font for Felix. He had been so excited all week for his baptism. anyway, we then went to eat with Hermana Solis, our favorite Member, and we had tacos de Carne Asada (steak tacos) - YUM! after, we took pictures and had our cake. i was SO full afterward! we then had a few lessons, and at 6 had the baptism for felix. it was so fun teaching him, he is such a hoot! even got to see his mom come , who is a less active member, at the baptism and the confirmation! and afterwards, we went to a members house and had a fiesta/siesta type setting, with chicken and tortillas. It was a great day, and the weekend ended with the phonecall from the district leader saying we would NOT be having transfers. so we are very happy :) 

the Lord continues to bless us and protect us as we are safe here in ourt little city, and in those times where we feel we are alone, we know we have you all to support us, as well as eachother, ELder Perez and I. We love you all and are continuing to Serve the Lord with all our Heart, Might, Mind, and Strength. have a great week, everyone!



**Elder Newman**

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