Monday, October 20, 2014

Jason October 20, 2014

Slow and steady wins the race!

Hello everyone! 

Esta bien suave lo que estamos viendo aqui en camarg--haha whoops! hows everyone doing!? this week was slow, but im keeping my head up and all is well! it is still SO hot here in Camargo, but interestingly enough, for the first time in a while it rained here really hard last night. 

so first off, we got sick this week, and wether it was a stomach infection or just bad pains, we got sick and had to stay inside a few days. so we didnt work a whole ton this week, but we know that the Lord is hastening the work in Camargo in HIS own due time...

...because of the Investigators that we DO have!today, if i may, share a little bit about Felix and Mario. 

FELIX is 9 and he is going to be baptized this saturday. we are very excited and know that the only one who can prepare the way for him is the Lord, as well as the one who will be preparing the things that need to happen in order so that we may have the baptismal service. he is such a hoot, and we saw many blessings this week in how we were able to teach him 2 of the lessons. short and sweet, of course, cause his attention span isnt very big..But we love him anyways. Yesterday, we had a great object lesson with him that shows how he can be made clean from sin if he is baptized. he loved it and is very excited. 

MARIO is progressing very well. he amazes us every time we see him and teach him. It just amazes me how people can change, with the gospel as part of their lives, as he is giving up coffee and smoking rather quickly. He is the husband (we married them) of Our recent convert Delfina, and diego (also recent convert) and his sister marisa are their grandkids that live with them. (they were the ones we were walking to church with on sunday.) ANYWAY, so we taught him a lesson on the woord of wisdom last week, and he accepted to give up those substances that have been weighing him down and we also planned our next lesson for the next day. when we returned the next day, we asked him what he ate for breakfast and he didnt drink coffee! we were so proud of him, and in teaching him about fasting and tithing and fast offerings, he said to us "ok, so starting, TODAY, im gonna fast" and HE DID!!! we can tell he really wants to get baptized and have what his family now has. 

the lord Prepares us in so many ways. this week, though we got sick, we learned more patience, and really just counted the blesing s that we do have. 1 corinthians 10:13: i know that the Lord will never give us a challenge that is too big, and that with whatever challenge or trial that we do have, he will prepare a way for us to bear it (1 nephi 3:7), and prepares us for it. 

Have a great week everyone, and know that I love you all!! ¡que tenga un buen tarde!



**Elder Newman**

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