Monday, October 5, 2015

Natalie October 5, 2015

Singing in the Rain

Hello all! I know everyone's talking about it but I truly hope you had an amazing conference weekend as did I. I went with questions and I testify that they were answered through the words of the Lord's loving servants and the Holy Spirit that whispers to us exactly what we need. 

This week was a little difficult for us because it was raining so so much. We didn't get too wet though because we bought little disposable plastic ponchos for less than a dollar! But they are awesome. I'll have to take a picture because they are super fun, I feel like a mix between little red riding hood and some sort of super hero because it's like wearing a cape haha. So we didn't have too many lessons this week because like I said it was literally raining all week. Or at least a good majority of the time. 

At one point the rain was so strong it was pouring buckets of water and we had to stop under a staircase of apartments for what seemed like an eternity. I said to my companion I felt weird because in the entire time I've been serving a mission, I had never stopped for so long because of weather impedment. 

There we stood with our umbrellas and our ponchos looking at one another waiting for the rain to pass. I thought to myself, how can I be productive just standing here? What could I possible do? So I did what everyone does when there is nothing left to do. I decided we should pray. I know it sounds like something obvious but I thought, well supposedly if miracles exist then Heavenly Father could cause the rain to pass right? And then I doubted I had enough faith for a miracle like that but I decided to do it anyway. I asked my companion if she wanted to pray and agreed but what was interesting is that I felt I needed to be the one to say the prayer. 

As I said the prayer I knew the Spirit guided my words as in one part in particular I felt impressed to say something along the lines of, ''We ask that the rain can please pass so that we can find someone to teach, we have desires to serve thee..'' Well, a few minutes more passed and by this time it had been almost 20 to half an hour waiting. It didn't stop but as we discovered, it was a little lighter and we could at least be walking. 

I felt an impression that we should return back to Carlitos' house and offer our help to escort him to school because we had been there an hour earlier before the rain hit but was nervous he wouldn't be able to go. So naturally when we got there he opened the door with a nervous look on his face and with just one or two comments/questions he starting crying saying he wanted to go to school and was scared and nervous what his aunt would say that he didn't go. We called his aunt, Alejandra (who was working) and she said she had been looking for a way to communicate with him that it was okay he didn't go to school and to stay home. 

But just to help even more, I felt the impression that we could sing a hymn to calm him down. I asked him if he wanted to sing his favorite hymn, ''I am a Child of God'' and he said yes. So there we were, outside his apartment door singing the beautiful words to calm his fears and that he was okay. 

I knew that it was Heavenly Father who sent us back because in my prayer I remembered saying ''we have desires to serve thee'' but the intended service he wanted us to give was not what I was expecting. I was expecting to find someone new to find and teach to ''bring to the fold'' but sometimes we need to remember to focus those that are already ''in the fold'' too. This small experience touched my heart this week and it reminds me of several things but to share a few that one, Heavenly Father knows His children and that two, He definitely sends His tender mercies and three, the Spirit whispers to us exactly what we need to do if we only but listen and follow His counsel. Of this I testify and share my testimony with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. 


Hermana Newman ☺

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