Monday, October 26, 2015

Natalie October 26, 2015

The Thorns in the Roses 

Happy Monday it's Preparation Day! Haha maybe not happy Monday for you since the weekend is now over but for us it's a bit of a breather.

A few weeks ago as we were walking to an appointment the thought popped into my mind.. Why did Heavenly Father create Roses with thorns? Honestly I cannot tell you why I had been thinking of such a peculiar thought, sort of random out of nowhere but nevertheless it was an interesting thought and I decided to ask my companion what she thought. She said didn't know, clearly but I kept thinking and then we talked about possibilities for the why. I mentioned that maybe it's because if there weren't any thorns, we couldn't appreciate the effort it took to grow nor the beauty of the rose. 

This new perspective made me remember of the reason in general why there is opposition in all things, because we would not be able to appreciate the good from the bad and we wouldn't rely on the Lord if we always have ''good times'' because even though we should remember Him in the good we somehow always seem to remember Him more in the bad.

Well these last few weeks we have, seen those thorns amonst the roses. Our ''awesome'' and who we thought was ''super prepared'' investigator Adriana stopped talking to us and we have no idea why. She doesn't answer our calls and when she did say two times she would be home to visit her she wasn't present. Her husband however Jaime is so so great! He is interested in listening and yesterday went to church for the second time wahoo! We have the hope that as we teach him, Adriana will want to listen again or at least tell us why she got ''cold feet'' on us. 😕

Other ''thorns'' that have come our way is other recent converts having difficulty assisting church regularly for various reasons, including Mauro, Carlos and Sandra. But not because of their lack of testimony, I hope, but more because of things that take them away from being consistent in keeping their baptismal covenants. Also, the rain from the hurricane that was close to the state of Quintana Roo. And many other little things. 

I think mainly too I still lack a little... a lot of faith. But every day is another chance, another oportunity to keep going, keep trying and doing all that is in my power to increase my faith. While I am working on my faith, I am coming to know and remember that Heavenly Father loves me, He is aware of me, and as I pray and plead to Him for His help, He helps me calm my fears. 

This week was a little tough, or better yet these last two weeks, because we have to find new investigators. When we were finding new investigators after the baptism of Carlitos and Mauro, they weren't progressing quickly enough for baptism so we decided to keep finding new investigators but in the process of doing so, satan decided to come and swoop in with discouragement and doubt so they began to not be progressing again. With the investigators we do have more or less progressing, they have accepted baptism but not a baptismal date. So that's where we are right now, and I feel bad because as STL's we are supposed to be setting the example but we don't have any ''baptism canditates'' right now :( That is one part of why I say I think I still lack a lot of faith, like my mission President wrote me this week, faith to find, faith to baptize. So we keep the hope, we keep on praying and keep on striving to change and become like Christ. 

I hope that you all have a great week! And remember to be greatful for the thorns because with out them we wouln't have the roses. I will do my best to do so as well. 

Lots of Love,

Hermana Newman

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