Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Jason October 12, 2015

quintas carolinas!!

Hey everyone!!

ok, so this week was fun...well, kind of. ok, just to get it out of the way, i had a terrible headache, but im all bettter now. BUT, the cool part was, new area!! im still trying to figure out why the Lord has put me here in the area that i am in (quintas carolinas 2), but im sure there are various souls that need to hear something from my and elder sanchezs mouths, so we are working hard here. oh my goodness, I LOVE my companion, elder sanchez! he is from another state here in la republica, (hidalgo), and he has only 2 months in the mission. we are on week 9 of 12 of his training, which means i am training him as well as district leader. but its so funny, i am the one who feels like the greenie because he has come so prepared and knows so much already, that i often times dont even know what to theach the guy cause...well, he knows exactly what hes doing! i love it though because he is always saying things that make me laugh uncontrollably! lol.

our branch is a little tough, though. the leadership is pretty new, and there are a TON of less actives to work with, but we maintain a good attitude and love being here. i just hope i dont get transfers again!! haha.

so there is this one couple, rosy and rodolfo, and after a loooong process of helping the hermano with a divorce from the us, blah blah blah, we are just waiting for a few papers from an attourney who is helping them out, and they are gonna then get married asap and get baptized!! there are lots of opportunities here, we just have to help the investigators understand the purpose of it all.

i am very grateful for the time we have here to serve the Lord in this formal way of being his authorized representatives, and though for me that time grows thin, i know that it is al real and i love waking up everymorning here in méxico, knowing that i am at the Lords complete disposition. loves to all, and know that i am alive, healthy, and happy!! 

con cariño,


Elder Newman

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