Monday, October 5, 2015

Jason October 5, 2015

a wedding, a baptism, a really high fever, g. conference, and transfers!!

ok, so everyone always says "wow that was a crazy week!", but i now have seen the true meaning of that expression. in the email subject, i will explain each one of these events. 

a wedding: so, on tuesday, we were finally able to get marcelino and lola married!! as a reminder, the whole family is already member, except the husband, so we had been working on all the hassle of the government and papers and what not, and we finally got them married on tuesday at 11:00 am. their family was there, as well as Elder loreto, my comp, elder perez and vivanco (the Zone leaders), and I we all got to be witnesses!! it wasnt my first wedding in the mission, but the first one was at the investigators (converts) house, so it didnt feel as legit. but yep, they are now legally married and living the law of chastity, just as the Lord would have it. yay!

a baptism: the following day, wednesday, marcelino was baptized, and i had the blessing to baptize him, but our Father in Heaven truly has all the honor and glory in that miracle, because, well...its his child! i love marcelino sanchez bañuelos and i know their family, being as humble and faithful as they are, will definitely have a bright future. 

a really high fever: ...and later that same night, actually during the whole baptism, i had a really high fever and felt so weak and exhausted. not gonna lie, it was hard to baptize him because i was sweating and my eyes were apparently red, yet the water felt cold to me (it wasnt cold water)....long story short, had to go to the hospital that night, and we got home at like 11:15pm. we rested the next day. 

g. conference: i loved conference! there was a bit of stress in regards to pressure from the leaders to bring people, but nothing i couldnt handle. even though we only brought 6, i felt really good and can feel the good relationship with the Lord. i am especially happy because erick, a 20 year old, was able to come, and also the parents of a recent convert who accepted a baptismal date (october 24) after a family home evening of watching the movie "the testaments" on monday. the hermano, jose luis, called me and hes like "hey, we dont have a ride and are ready." if that doesnt scream to you "well, elder, get in a taxi and go get them!", then i dont know what will. lol, following the spirit and making a quick leadership decision, we quickly zoomed over in taxi and got them. they loved it and i know they too will get baptized. 

transfers: well, to be brief, i had transfers and they were so unexpected. i guess there were some elders having problems, and so they switched me out and i am now in chihuahua. it was hard to say goodbye to a few families, but i have an even clearer vision of what i am to do in these last 5 weeks: finish training elder sanchez and do all i can here in my new area. i love transfers! so, i am back in chihuahua, (aaah, good to be home :) ), and my companion is elder sanchez. he only has 7 weeks in the mission, so i will be very focused the next few weeks making sure he knows well. i am in the same zone that i was in with elder meyer in july, and so in this zone of tec 2, that now makes it 4 out of 7 areas in the zone that i have worked in throughout my mission. i think i know the zone kinda well, and that helps me really like the cambios cause i feel comfortable. 

well, lets go to work! love you all and lets keep preaching the gospel! have a great week. 



ELder Newman


*Elder Newman*

Misión México Chihuahua

November 2013 - 2015

Alma 26:12

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