Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Natalie October 12, 2015

The Work of the Lord requires everyone's help!

Hello everyone! How was your week? Ours was pretty good! Aside from the fact that I came down with a cold and my throat kind of swollen so it's been a bothersome to talk at times and even sing (the hymns when we're in lessons), also with a bit of a headache yesterday, after all was said and done, we said our prayers, I took two Ibuprofen, put the sheet over my face and was out in my hammock. However today I have thankfully been feeling better just with a little cough still. So aside from that we have been just fine!

This week we have found so many new people and I'm so excited to teach all of them! 2 of the new investigators we have are named Adriana and Jaime. They have a daughter of 7 who is super cute and this little family is just perfect. They are so excited to listen and learn especially because they said not too long ago is when they started talking about finding a religion but didn't know how or where to start. They both have a background of being Catholic but don't practice it and aren't in agreeance with some things. So thankfully one night, a member who lives in our area started talking with Adriana's mom at their little food stand while ordering 'Carnitas'. Well her mom wasn't too interested but Adriana kept chatting with this sweet member who is just 18! Her name is Adela and so ready to be a full-time missionary but has to wait until March! haha anyway so they kept talking and well long story short, we had two visits with them and they have both been to church and they love it.

I know miracles happen and are happening! The work of the Lord never ceases, especially when all are involved and not just us and full time missionaries but everyone including members. Because if it wasn't for Adela who opened her mouth and wasn't afraid to share the truths she treasures dear, we would have never met her. I know he blesses us according to our humility, obedience and need. I love you all, and wish you the best and as always hope that you be safe and smart in all you do and reach out to those who need you in however small or grand way! I know the Lord loves you and me and is always there. I know it's true in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.


Hermana Newman 😊

P.S. This photo is just a picture of me and another sister misisonary good friend of mine who now has gone home :( Hermana Garcia

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