Monday, October 26, 2015

Jason October 26, 2015

A more spiritual week. :)

This week was a great week!! first of all, i want to thank all for the birthday wishes! i love being 21...even though i have only been it for a day, it feels good. Im grateful to be here on the earth, and that Heavenly Father sllows me to be here to participate in this great work of salvation. 

So, i learned a lot this week. its crazy how much one learns at the end of the misison, and especially from my companion who is at the beginning of his mission. This week, i learned an extremely valuable lesson, and it has to do with regognizing weaknesses. so, ever since about may or so, i had asked myself for the first time "what are my weaknesses?", and i couldnt answer that question. but this week i was ablw to answer it, and now i know that if i Go unto heavenly father in prayer with that said weakeness, he will help me turn it into a strength and i will be able to be humbled and my faith in him will increase. the weakness, though hard to explain, is this: Feeling sorrow and sadness from the unfavorable choices of others, and not thinking i can be happy until the situation is how i want it to be. for example, amaris, the girl who got baptized about a week ago, for lots of complicated reasons, still hasnt gotten confirmed, and so i felt A not only sad about that, but B felt that i could never be happy again until she did et confirmed. but i know thats wrong--we cannot base our happiness or unhappiness solely upon the choices of others. because though it was my will for her to get confirmed ASAP, out of desire for her to progress espiritually, perhaps thats not what the Lord ewanted, and in the end, my will really doesnt matter. ever. i learned that true happiness only comes from doing the will of him who has called me to be a missionary: the Lord Jesus Christ.

the hardest part of the mission, i learned, is not the leaving the family or home or friends, or the trials in the two year time lapse, rather its the departure of the field. in short, the hardest part of the mission is leaving it. I know that in these next 2 weeks I am gonna work hard and am going to focus in on the Lords will and not so much the will of the Zone Leaders or the Assistants, to be sure that the Lords Kingdom is edified. i love the mission so much, and i have never learned so much in such a short time before. 

We are very excited about Rosy and Rodolfo, who finally after 4 years of waiting are now able to get married and baptized!! the plan is that they get married this friday, i believe, and that saturday they will be baptized. I love them, though i wasnt really there for the time of teaching them, and i desire their happiness and spiritual progression. more details and hopefully next week, pictures, to follow. 

I wanted to share, also, my favorite personal study of this week. In Mosiah 15, we read about how Christ is both the Father and the Son. there is a lot of confusion in regards to who is god, and lots of churches believe that there is only one physical supreme being. we know that there are three, the father, the son, and the holy Ghost, and we know that Christ is the son of the Living god. but, how is Christ also our father? 
1. He is the creator of all things and is therefore referred to in many scriptural passages as "the very eternal father of heaven and of earth" (mosiah 15:4, Mosiah 16:15, ether 4:7, alma 11: 38-39)
2. He is the father of all who accept his atonong sacrifice and covenant with him to obey his everlasting gospel, or in other words, those who are baptized (Mosiah 5:7, mosiah 15: 10-13)
3. He is the Father by "divine investiture of Authority". this means that the savior is a fully authorized and commissioned representative of his Father, that whatever he does as executor of the fathers will has permanent and binding effect since its performed by the fathers agent.

I hope that we can all look to follow the savior better in al things, and that he may always be our example. I know that He lives and is my father, because i belong to him by covenant, yet he is the Son of the Living God, our Heavenly Father. I testify that they live, and that the only way to eternal happiness is living the restored gospel and partaking of the ordinances thereof by the proper authority. I say these things, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen. I love you all and have a great week!!!

Elder newman

*Elder Newman*
Misión México Chihuahua
November 2013 - 2015
Alma 26:12

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