Monday, November 2, 2015

Natalie November 2, 2015

Believe in God, Belive that He is
Hello everyone! 

How was this last week? For us it was hot.. again haha looks like the raining season has past. I figured out that instead of ''April's showers bring May flowers'' in Cancun it's October's rain brings more heat and then ''cold''. From the humidity it gets more hot but afterwards more into November and December is what here they call ''cold''. It's that time of year again where we will see hoodies and sweatshirts and coats and gloves and hats not from the tourists but the people who live here in CANCUN! It's crazy to me, their Winter is like our Spring lol

In other news, things are better with our recent converts, their all attending church again wahoo! Hermano Mauro and his wife are doing good and we are finding more investigators. Still no one who accepts a baptism date but at least the majority accept baptism :) We're still working on that. 

This is the last week before transfers again and I have no idea what will happen because there are so many options, I could stay in my same area again and with my Hermana Carrasco again as Sister Training Leaders but we have had now 4 and half months together or one of us could leave, it's my companion's last transfer and sometimes President grants the wishes of a missionary if they want to be with a specific companion or in a certain place for their last transfer. Then again, I could train someone because I still haven't had that opportunity so who knows! 

What I do know is that if we want to survive in this life it is to rely on the Lord, have faith in Him, beliving that He is as King Benjamin teaches us in Mosiah 4:9. He is the only way to true happiness. This life is not easy, it's supposed to be hard. But if we lose our faith, it will be difficult to keep going. I hope each one of you can give yourself TIME to read, study, ponder the scriptures daily, and seek the Lord in sincere prayer. He will tell us what it is we need to do, afterall, the prophets have promised it themselves that He is there and He will listen if we will just believe in Him and submit ourselves to His will. I know we can do it! And perservere until the end, endure to the end. 

Lots of Love,

Hermana Newman :)

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